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by Slowbeef

Part 33

Alright, let's go back to the Sheriff's office. Wait, what's this?!?!!?

Mike: How have you been, Mr. Mayor?
Mayor Fleming: Just fine, Michael. And how are you feeling? I was told you were home recuperating from some illness - a psychologic ailment, I understand.
Mike: I've been home about a year on disability. But I'm feeling better now.
Mayor Fleming: That's good to hear. The Mrs. and I have been meaning to ask you and your mother over for dinner but, well, we've been having some problems lately. You know how it is.
Mike: I heard that you married Melissa Talbot. Sort of a May-September romance.

This town is full of perverts!

Mike: I'd like to talk to you about the recent murder.
Mayor Fleming: You mean Ms. Scanlon? What do you want to know about it? It was a terrible thing.
Mike: Rita was a friend of mine. Did you know her at all?
Mayor Fleming: Yes, but only slightly. Ms. Scanlon did some research for my re-election campaign. She seemed like a nice young woman.
Mike: How is the re-election campaign going?
Mayor Fleming: Well, we're just gearing up now. But the campaign fund from last time seems a little short. In fact, I'm heading to the courthouse to discuss the situation with my staff.
Mike: I sure would like to find out who killed her.
Mayor Fleming: We all would, Michael. I've asked some friends at the FBI to step in. I don't like the way Sheriff Butler's been handling this case. We need to resolve this affair quickly before it unravels our whole community.
Mike: The Sheriff suspects me of murdering Rita.
Mayor Fleming: You know, Michael, I probably shouldn't be talking with you until after the investigation is over. Anyway, I'm due at a meeting in the counrthouse, and...

And with that, Fleming heads into the courthouse. Briefcase in the car, eh? Let's use the hangar to unlock it. I think Pandora might have said something to that effect when we showed her the hangar.

Crap, Rita really got around. And I know Mike doesn't mean it this way in the next comment, but...

That's just funny. With our coin and photos, let's go meet Jack!

Hmmm. Stranger, the walkthroughs say Jack is supposed to be here. Odd. Well, let's just keep gathering evidence against everyone in town! Back to the Sheriff's office to use the only available phone in town - the pay phone outside the Sheriff's. We gotta get him out of his office.