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Part 35

All the walkthroughs say to talk to Jimmy and Melissa in the pool hall, but I'm not really sure why. There's not too much in the way of new information.

Mike: I've been looking into Rita's murder.
Jimmy: Oh yeah? I'll bet the whole city council is breathing a sigh of relief knowing that you're on the case.
Mike: How close were you to Rita before she was murdered?
Jimmy: What business is it of yours?
Mike: I thought that since you're still friends with Melissa, maybe you kept in touch with Rita.
Jimmy: You leave Melissa out of this, you hear? And as for Rita, she wasn't the innocent librarian you and a lot of others thought she was. She got around.
Mike: What do you mean Rita "got around?"
Jimmy: Look, Dawson, stop asking questions before you get hurt. Rita was damaged goods. Only you were too stupid to notice.
Mike: Look, I want to know why you were hanging around Rita's house!
Jimmy: Get lost!

Alright, that went nowhere. Let's try talking to Melissa. And since most of her conversation is exactly the same as it was much, much earlier in the thread, I'll only post the new parts:

Well, that ends that. Let's go to the morgue! Maybe there's more in Doc Larson's cabinet.

Alright, then. Let's go meet Jack.

Off to play Columbo some more.