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by Slowbeef

Part 36

Mike: I just heard about how Mr. Ramirez died. I want to express my condolences.
Mrs. Ramirez: Thank you. It was a terrible tragedy. I don't know how I'll go on without my dear husband.
Mike: I suppose that Sheriff Butler was in charge of investigating the fire.
Mrs. Ramirez: Yes, and he found nothing to indicate foul play, despite what the insurance company says.
Mike: I'm sorry that I never had an opportunity to meet your husband.
Mrs. Ramirez: Why, I'm surprised! He was the most prominent attorney in town - a very successful man and a charitable one, too. If he had lived, I doubt he would have eventually donated all his wealth to various noble causes.

But, oh! we're not done with Mrs. Ramirez!

Mike: Did you see or hear anything the night Rita Scanlon was murdered?
Mrs. Ramirez: Young man, I have already told the police everything I know, which is nothing. But if you ask me, she had what was coming to her!
Mike: Why do you say she got what was coming to her?
Mrs. Ramirez: Rita Scanlon was the devil's disciple. The Whore of Babylon come back to stalk the earth.
Mike: Just how well did you know Rita?

Lord, did Rita do every male in town?

Mike: Look, lady, Rita was my friend. I just want to find out who murdered her, that's all.
Mrs. Ramirez: Is that so? Well, I have nothing more to say to someone who consorted with the Whore of Babylon. Good day!

Oh, we're not done with this bitch yet, though. Let's return to the map and then go right back to Mrs. Ramirez's house, shall we?

Why, what's this?

What's Jimmy doing here?

Hey, I just asked that, Mike! Let's look in the window.

Let's use the camera!

Yeesh, Mike. Why don't we blow Jack while we're at it?

Hmmmm. Do I detect a hypnosis scene? And more crazy video? Find out in the next update!