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by Slowbeef

Part 38

Put on your tin foil hats.

Jack: What do you mean?
Mike: What's the connection between Jimmy and the Sheriff?
Jack: Well, Jimmy told you that he had the inside goods on the Sheriff. I guess he was talking about the bribery charges.
Mike: What's the connection between Jimmy and Doc Larson?
Jack: Jimmy's name was listed in Doc Larson's little black book. Knowing Jimmy, he probably helped round up girls for the good doctor.
Mike: What's the connection between Jimmy and the Mayor?
Jack: There isn't one. Oh, wait a second! He's very fond of the Mayor's wife, Melissa. So you think he was angry that Rita was a home wrecker?

Jack has a point. Let's go do that. But suddenly, we walk in on...

Jimmy pulls a gun on Slim! And amazingly...

Mike walks in front of the gun!

If you've noticed, Mike has gotten a shitload bolder ever since he got The Light. Mike says:

Okay, this has been incredibly hard for me to screencap, but Jimmy tries to smack Mike with the gun. He ducks, but Jimmy punches him and knocks him down.

But Jack comes from behind. He decks Jimmy, who falls down.

Jack helps Mike up, and Slim runs off.

Jack walks off. Hmmm. Let's go back to talk to Slim, the resident loon. Can you believe this is the Light version of Goth?

Mike: Why'd you run away when Jimmy pulled his gun? I thought your suit made you invulnerable.

Fuck! Just when the plot gets good, Mike has to fucking pull out dumbass statements like that! Dude, you don't have to act crazy all the time!

Slim: My uniform doesn't cover my face, Mr. Dawson. Every power has its limits.
Mike: What was this evidence youy said you had against Jimmy?
Slim: It's a love letter written by Rita to Melissa's husband. It seems she was having a fling with our honorable Mayor.
Mike: How did you get a hold of this letter?
Slim: Oh, I snatched it out of Melissa's purse earlier today. I knew she was involved in some kind of conspiracy, and I just needed a motive. Gosh darn if I didn't find one!
Mike: What first led you to suspect Melissa?
Slim: I've seen Melissa go into the Pool Hall regularly the past few weeks. Now that isn't the proper place for the Mayor's wife, is it? So I've been keeping my eye on her.
Mike: I notice you collect a lot of things, but how you could you stoop to picking a woman's purse?
Slim: Well, Mr. Dawson, sometimes you have to bend the rules a little in the pursuit of justice. I am the town's sole protector, after all!
Mike: I don't understand what Jimmy has to do with all of this.

Mike: Thanks for helping me clear my name. Next time you have a conspiracy theory, I'm going to listen.
Slim: My pleasure, but I'm going to have to give it a rest for now. My fillings are picking up radio transmissions from outer space again, and I'm starting to get a headache. [Emphasis: OP's.]