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by Slowbeef

Part 41

Dr. Sims: What happened?
Mike: Didn't you hear? Mayor Fleming's been murdered in the park!
Dr. Sims: I heard, Mike. Doc Larson told me that he had performed the autopsy.
Mike: Doc Larson? That pervert!

Dr. Sims: Don't blame yourself, Mike. Capturing criminals is the responsibility of the police.
Mike: You don't understand! The Keeper of the Scrolls chose me to stop the Ancients!
Dr. Sims: Mike, you really must resist those fantasies about the Dark World. There's no shape shifter going around murdering people.

Hypnosis reveals... a gameshow?

Rita says "Jimmy didn't kill me" - there must have been a skip on the source CD.

Michael doesn't win, but he gets a consolation prize.

Incidentally, if you visit the pillar in the Dark World after Fleming's death...

Dr. Sims: What did you dream about this time? You were mumbling, but I really didn't understand the words.
Mike: Rita was in my dream. She told me Jimmy Gardner didn't kill her!
Dr. Sims: Did she tell you who did kill her?

Dr. Sims: Mike, promise me you won't be making accusations in public. After all, it was only a dream.

Next update:

Mike fucking loses it.