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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 44

Michael decides it is time to re-enter the Dark World.

The pillar rotates again. This time...

There is only one skull remaining.

Michael returns to the Dark World Shooting Gallery. He notes that the teddy bear he won from the Light World Shooting Gallery has again transformed into something horrid. If he tries to return this prize, what will he unlock?

Michael explores the Dark World and now finds...

The Dark World version of Dr. Sims's office is now open. Mike steps inside with wonderment and finds something he hasn't seen in a year.

Michael remembers what it was like before...

Michael takes the tool on the desk. It gives him a chill. Because it was of two tools that...

Michael leaves and goes to the Weaponsmith.

Nothing to do here, Michael decides to return to the Light World.