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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 47

Alright, our amateur Columbo wants to check out what Paul's deal could be.

Mike: Paul, why is there lawn furniture on your roof?
Paul: I had to move it out of the way. Didn't want it to get rusty with the watering and all.
Mike: This is getting too weird for me. Catch you later, Paul.
Paul: Bye-bye, Mike. Watch where you step, now.

Well, Paul's not just going to let you go into his house. Forehead rape the faucet on the side of the house to distract him! (Meaning, use the tool we got from Dark World Dr. Sims' office.)

This distracts Paul as Mike goes around the house and sneaks in the front door. Eat your heart out, Sam Fisher! (Note: The game does that part for you automatically.)

Sigh. In another one of Cyberdreams' insidious plan to make you hate video games, there's a shitload of drawers here, but nothing is in any of them. Let's move on.

...Your room has a neon green cactus? Did I miss that earlier? (No.) Let's check out the bookcase.


Paul Cooper's the shape shifter?! Hmmmm. Mike's convinced, though I'm not sure. What's that book, though?

Let's take that giant key in the back there.

Uh oh.

Paul attacks!

Mike, not having enough time to resort to the machine gun arm, wrestles with Paul and accidentally stabs him with his own knife... This has been a long fucking day, man.

Mike: What else did the voices tell you?
Paul: They told us to prepare for the coming of the Messenger. He will arrive any day now, and cleanse the world. It has been foretold. We have seen it in our dreams and we have prepared our souls.
Mike: What do you mean, you prepared your souls?
Paul: Don't you see? All three murder victims were members of our Other World cult. The killer has taken us first because our minds are already prepared.

Mike: What were these voices you heard?
Paul: The spirits of the dead. We contacted them a year and a half ago, during a seance I conducted. They wanted - things.

Mike: Is this what this occult stuff is all about? Seances? Contacting the dead?
Paul: Yes. I've been obsessed with occult science. That's why I formed the Other World cult. I so wanted to make contact with my mother. She died when I was a child, you know.
Mike: What kinds of things did the voices want?
Paul: They wanted us to worship them. They taught us a ceremony. We used it and, though we didn't realize it, we became their slaves.

Yeah, let's get the fuck out of Dodge, Mike.