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Part 5

The Diner!

Awww. You know, this history Mike and Rita had is making me think... what if he did it? I mean, he doesn't remember...

Well, Mike it's a fucking diner. I don't know the swinging place you think this used to be, but c'mon dude. Someone tells me you weren't snorting coke off a stripper's nipple in Hank's Diner of Crowley, TX.

Conversation time!

Mike: How's it going, Hank?
Hank: My back's been acting up, but otherwise not too bad. How are you, Mike?
Mike: I'm starving. What have you got to eat around here?
Hank: Like you haven't seen my menu a thousand times. What are you hungry for? Ham 'n' eggs? Grits? Pancakes?

Pancakes and church!

Yeah... yeah, Steve Mason wins.

Hank: You two were quite an item back when you were in high school... Shame about what happened to her. A real tragedy.

Mike: Sick? Murder isn't a disease - it's evil.
Hank: Relax, Mike. It's just a figure of speech. I don't think anyone is going to show the killer any compassion when they catch up with him.
Mike: Have you heard any more about the investigation?
Hank: Deputy Brown stopped by to get some coffee and doughnuts on his way to Rita's place. He was sayin' that the FBI might be called in. And Doc Larson was tellin' us some pretty grisly stuff.
Mike: What did Doc Larson have to say?
Hank: He wouldn't go into any details because he wants to keep certain things from the public. I haven't seen Doc Larson so excited since that other murder.
Mike: What other murder?

Hank: Doc Larson had her body moved to the morgue before dawn. Deputy Brown said the Sheriff wasn't too happy about that. It didn't give him much of a chance to examine the crime scene first.
Mike: I lost my appetite.
Hank: You don't look well, Mike. Why don't you go for a walk? Nice day for it.
Mike: I think I'll just do that, Hank. See you later.
Hank: Take care, Mike.

Doc Larson sounds like an asshole. But seriously, this might be an important clue. Mike forgets that he's hungry...

And goes to the pool hall next door...