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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 51

What the hell? Okay, I know some of you are feeling a bit gipped here. Well, don't worry. Darkseed 2 has some stuff up its sleeve here.

(Note: We are not actually in the home stretch. The game is not ending tonight. But I've been updating like hell because I wanted you all to see this point.)

Uh... okay...

Let's go right.

Michael finds himself in some strange amalgam of his bathroom and living room.

Michael opens the door in case he needs to make a quick exit for some reason.

[ Image Missing ]

And he decides to go back to the kitchen and talk to his mother again.

Jesus, Mom, what's with the fucking shoes all of a sudden? Alright, fine, let's check out the bedroom again.

Confused, Michael sees a shoebox that belongs to him in the Normal World. What is it doing here? Examining it...

Michael returns to the kitchen.

Alright, Mom - we gotta talk.

"Here, Mike, this will explain everything." (Warning: This explains nothing.)