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Darkseed 2

by Slowbeef

Part 52

When we last saw Mike Dawson, he'd just... well...

Yeah, that happened.

Mike goes a little wimpy on us here, but cut him some slack! His mother's head just exploded! By the way, check out the pot on the stove.

Mike: Rita, I thought you were dead!
Rita: I am dead, but have not yet departed. Unless you act soon, all of humanity will suffer a fate far worse than mine.

Mike: I know all about your invovlement in the Other World cult.
Rita: Paul's seances were just harmless fun at first. We wanted to contact dead poets and writers, but instead we contacted the Ancients.
Mike: So this was the "reading group" you were always going to.
Rita: I'm sorry I lied to you, Mike. The Ancients seized control of our minds and made us do things against our will.
Mike: Why would the Ancients be interested in your seances?
Rita: The Ancients needed humans to make a creature able to live in the Normal World indefinitely. Through the teachings of the Other World Cult, they reprogrammed our thought patterns to interface with the power generator.

Rita: You can only kill it with the Sword. But you must hurry, Mike! While the Behemoth is still in the Dark World, it is vulnerable. Once it enters the Normal World, it will become invincible!
Mike: The Sword is powerful enough to kill the Behemoth?
Rita: Yes, but you must use the Sword before it reaches the portal to the Normal World. Once the Behemoth crosses over, it will grow powerful enough to destroy all of humanity once and for all.
Mike: Why do the Ancients want to destroy the human race?
Rita: Once humanity's life force is released, it will fully wake the Ancients from their slumber and nourish them for a virtual eternity.
Mike: How did you learn all of this, Rita?
Rita: My mind is connected to the Ancient's spaceship through the power generator. While they sleep, I hear their dreams. And their dreams become our fate.