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by Slowbeef

Part 53

The Behemoth Maze Run

This, incidentally - is the hardest part of the game. Consider it Darkseed 2's version of a boss battle. Alright, enough preparation. Let's get out of Mike's house.

Michael runs back to the power station and sees the pillar rotate one last time. All slots are filled.

Michael looks at the pillar one last time.

Michael races to destroy the Behemoth and save mankind.

Michael knows the Behemoth is beyond in the Hall of Mirrors. He has to choose. Left or right?

What if Michael chooses the wrong path?

What if Michael had forgotten to take the Sword?

Michael decides... that is, Michael thinks that... he imagines...

Ah, fuck it. I have to break character here.

The toughest puzzle in Darkseed 2 is this. First of all, in this screenshot, I chose the wrong path. You want to come into the maze two hexes to Mike's left.

The idea is that every time you move in the maze, the Behemoth makes a move as well. You can see him in the rightmost column of the screenshot. You have to reach the ornate mirror in the lower left before he does.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no time limit. You're allowed to examine the maze as long as you like. The only problem is that you only have one move to spare, so if you screw up twice, you have no way of backtracking and you get the bad ending I posted earlier in this thread. (The Keeper tells you "Perhaps we were wrong to put our faith into Mike Dawson...)

Now, if we get there, we get... The Battle: Mike Dawson vs. The Behemoth

Okay, where were we?

Unwilling to return to the Light World until the Ancients pay, Michael goes back to the pillar. He must navigate the maze a fourth time, which exasperates him slightly, but continues onward.

He approaches the control console to the left of the pillar.

He inserts the Scrolls into one of the console's two slots. This causes the pillar to smoke slightly for a moment. And then he inserts the Light into the other.

He proceeds to cut the power line to the Behemoth's incubator on the right.

With the power output having nowhere to go, it causes a power surge to the Ancients' ship.

And then, Michael sees a familiar vision...

Michael smiles. Mankind is saved. The Ancients are defeated once again. It is time to bask in the glow of victory.

But suddenly-