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Part 7

Off to the Doctor's.

Hey, that's a good one! Way to make fun of his patients! Wait... you are one, dumbkopf! (In keeping with the coolest man alive, Jack, I'm going to call Mike 'dumbkopf' as often as possible.)

Well, so this isn't a total loss, let's try the hardware store. I bet they have tons of cool weapons! I want a chainsaw!

Oh. Crap.

Hmmm... Let's head to the right.

Yeah, it is a nice lawn. I like the rooftop patio furniture, too. Do people actually do this in Texas?

Mike: Hi, Mr. Cooper. I'm Mike Dawson, remember me?
Paul: Sure, Mike. I remember you.
Mike: So how's the hardware store business?
Paul: Great. I've given myself a vacation for the first time in three years. The store is closed right now. I'm just gonna relax and water my lawn for the next week or two.

Good segue there, Mike.

Paul: It certainly was. The second murder this year. I don't know what's going on in this town anymore.
Mike: What do you know about the second murder?

Yeah, it's a real shame someone died and couldn't buy anymore of your hardware.

Mike: Do you know of anything strange going on in town?


Mike: Why do you say the town is too quiet?


My thoughts exactly, Mike.

Paul: Take care yourself, Mike.

Let's head to the right and...

Mike: I heard you were unhappy with the way this case is being handled.
Deputy: Yeah, but it's election year. What do you expect?
Mike: What has the election got to do with it?
Deputy: Mayor Fleming's up for re-election, and I suppose he doesn't want any unsolved murder cases around. That's why he called in the FBI. Doesn't trust us good ol' boys to do a proper job, I guess.
Mike: You look like you're on guard duty.
Deputy: I'm keeping watch over Rita Scanlon's house.
Mike: A week after the murder?
Deputy: I'm just followin' orders, Mike. I'm not supposed to let anyone in. We've had problems with vandalism before.

"You wanna maybe grab a drink, go back to my mom's and screw?"

Mike: What for? What's in there?
Deputy: Not a thing. But we need to keep Rita's house intact until the FBI comes. They'll want to go over it with a fine tooth comb.
Mike: So, how's the murder investigation going?
Deputy: C'mon, Mike! You know I shouldn't be talkin' to you about that. Go on now, let me do my job.