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by Slowbeef

Part 9

Alright, there's nothing interesting in the morgue yet - just a waiting room, and court is locked so let's talk to the Sheriff.

Mike: You're in your office on weekends too, huh?

'Murdered?' Was this thing even copy edited?

Mike: So, how's the murder investigation going, Sheriff?
Sheriff: You know, Dawson, they say killers follow the investigation of their own crimes, just for the thrill.
Mike: There was a rumor going around that the body was - mutilated?
Sheriff: Well, I'll tell you one thing. Doc Larson was having himself a field day - happier than a pig in slop. But I can't reveal details. We have to withhold specific information that only the killer would know. Eh, Dawson?
Mike: You make it sound like Doc Larson enjoyed seeing Rita's mutilated body!

I like how the Sheriff is suddenly all chummy with Mike. I also like how the writers think that there are patients in a morgue. Unless they mean the bodies, in which case calling Doc Larson a strange guy is vastly understating things.

Mike: Do you still think I'm the one who killed Rita?
Sheriff: I can't think of anyone else who makes a better suspect. I tell you, if I had one good, hard piece of evidence against you, I'd have you behind bars so fast your head would spin.
Mike: Why do you let a thug like Jimmy Gardner run around? Does he have something on you?
Sheriff: Shut your mouth, Dawson! You're pissing me off!
Mike: Well, I think I'll be going now.
Sheriff: Anytime you feel like confessing, Dawson, you come right back. I'll be here.

Alright, we're all done talking to people. Let's go back to the carnival!