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Dawn of Man

by Strategic Sage

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Original Thread: The Saga Begins: Let's Play Dawn of Man (HP)



Happy Easter SA!! No special implication should be taken from the fact that I am launching this project on this holiday; it's simply how it worked out from a timing POV.

What Is Dawn of Man?

Dawn of Man is an ancient city-builder released last year from Madruga Works, recently moved to version 1.5. That's the same people responsible for Planetbase, and it shares some look-and-feel similarity. It's been compared to Banished as well, which is appropriate in some respects.

I personally really enjoy and appreciate the way you advance as a society in the game, how new discoveries are achieved, etc. It also is somewhat on the simplistic/easy side, which I am addressing somewhat with a fairly basic mod that I whipped up for it to address pacing and so on.

HP lolwut??

This is the beginning of a much larger and stupidly-ambitious project that I am naming Historic Perspectives. Think of it as a Paradox megacampaign that took way too many steroids and had no proper concept of scope limitation. Starting from so-called 'prehistory', I endeavor to cover the whole of human history, past, present, and future. My focus is to not sacrifice for completion of the whole however; I would prefer to cover a smaller period well than a larger period poorly.

This is something I've had in mind in one form or another for at least a decade, long before I ever posted on this forum or contemplated being a content creator beyond simple forum AARS/dynasties. If it were up to me (which it isn't), this is the thing I would be remembered for most as an LPer. I will be attempting to fuse gameplay and, well, historical perspective on the subject matter of said games in a way that I don't think has really been done before. This may be brilliant; it may be mindbogglingly idiotic; or it may be anywhere in between. I leave that to the viewer/reader to judge. The old saying about a journey of a thousand miles having to begin with a single step is very much in mind here; but not all such journeys end well. Most don't; but it can't end well if it never starts.

Here's a short intro video I did announcing the project.

LP Style

As pretty much all my content is now, this will be an edited VLP; slow at first to introduce new concepts, explain the game, etc. Later updates will involve increasing amounts of time-skipping in slower or grindier timeframes when there isn't as much of consequence going on. As ever I appreciate all suggestions, constructive criticism, etc. in the thread.


Dawn of Man covers roughly two-thirds of my intended length of the project in terms of the historical period. It begins at approximately 10,000 BC at the end of the last glacial period and covers everything up through the Iron Age.

Mod Details

I have done the following things:

** Flatter terrain values for less of a 'modern art' approach and less ruggedness.
** Normal difficulty
** Immigration disabled
** 'Nomad'-style start with slightly lower population, no automatic forest-clearing, minimal starting gear, and no pre-built structures.
** Increased knowledge requirements by 50%.
** Additional house rule: no trading except late-game possibly for things I run out of locally.

Inception Historical Documentation

The settlement of Inception has so far accomplished the following:

Inception (25:21)
Hunting for a Home (26:48)
A Close Call (24:29)
The Path Forward (21:02)
The Circle of Life (23:19)
Tanning & Growing (20:05)
Mesolithic Matters (20:40)
New Food Sources (20:57)
Growing Challenges (23:58)
The First Wave (26:47)
Neolithic Transition (30:38)
Raiders & Reconstruction (21:37)
Livestock, Megaliths & More (23:11)
Weaving (23:29)
Wells and other Sundries (18:52)
Copper Beckons (21:06)
Straw Struggles (20:04)
Crossing the River (22:15)
Bronze Beginnings (20:35)
Stone, Finally (20:42)
Bronze Complications (21:44)
As Strong As Iron? (21:13)
Conclusion (21:56)
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