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Dawn of War II: Retribution

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 1: Mission 2

“Captain Diomedes. I have determined that our best means to perform our mission covertly will involve using ancient and barely understood technology to throw us bodily through the warp. You can view the basics of the technology at Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy).”

“One question, Techmarine.”

“Yes, Captain?

“Are you insane?”

“Well it was Brother Martellus' idea for us to board the Judgement of Carrion and then blow up your base on Calderis in order to unscramble a comm-call.”

“That was your idea? Are you trying to kill us all?!”

“I assure you this is perfectly safe. Now put this bucket on your head, count back to three and The Ancient will start hitting it with the chainsword. Carefully

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The Imperial Guard – The Hammer of the Emperor and The Backbone of the Imperium are two titles often given to the Imperial Guard, and with good cause for as potent as a Space Marine is the time and cost in their creation means their numbers are too few to cover all the conflicts that span the Imperium. Therefore when a tithe is called for a planet to give up its resources to the greater Imperium, men who are to be trained and armed as part of the Imperial Guard are often taken as whole regiments. Fielded in massive numbers from planets all over the Imperium, armed with potent weapons, assisted by specialist auxiliary units and backed up by powerful war machines there is little the Guard cannot grind down in a protracted conflict.
Unfortunately for the Aurelia Sub-Sector the Imperial Guard were unable to bring order to the turmoil upon their entry into the conflict, and to make matters worse many of their forces have been cut off from their supply lines and forced to fend for themselves. In the quagmire that the war for the sub-sector has become many have turned from the light of The Emperor in order to survive, while others have made heretical bargains to take advantage of the madness.


Tactical Marine Squad – When a Space Marine has been deemed to have fully mastered their role as a warrior within a Chapter, they are ready to be assigned to the Tactical Squads to put their lessons to good use. Not merely flexible in armament, a Tactical Squad has members who have learned the art of a defensive position and the timing of an assault, and can shift between the two stances in such a way as to turn the tides of battle completely.
In gameplay a tactical squad is capable no matter where you put it, and with upgrades is an army's best unit. Even without upgrades they come with the ability to temporarily arm themselves with Kraken Rounds, making their shots do increased damage to heavy infantry and light vehicles.
Flamer – Allows the Tactical Squad to equip flamers and deal effectively with enemies in cover or inside buildings.
Missile Launcher – Allows the Tactical Squad to equip missile launchers, allowing them to deal heavy damage to enemy vehicles.
Plasma Gun and Sergeant – Allows the Tactical Squad to equip Plasma Guns that are highly effective against heavy infantry. In addition it also unlocks a separate upgrade to add a Sergeant for the squad.



Chainsword – Standard close combat weapon of the Space Marines, the chainsword is an iconic weapon that tears into its foes with its spinning monomolecular teeth. Not only is the chainsword is ideal for inflicting grievous harm on lightly armoured foes, but the sight of what it does to a Space Marine's enemy will sap the will to fight of any craven foe.

Melta Gun – At close range and facing armour there are few weapons more effective than the Melta. Though how exactly it works varies from model to model, the fundamental feature of Melta weaponry is that it works by agitating gasses at the molecular level, melting almost anything in its area into slag. The closer a Melta Gun is to its target, the more effective it is.
Melta Gun

Plasma Gun – Plasma Guns are highly dangerous weapons that super-heat gas into a plasma form and expel it at a target. Not even the armour of the Space Marines can protect against a plasma shot, and even its user must be wary as overheating the Plasma Gun through excessive firing can and often does result in the death of its wielder. The risk of injury is seen to be far outweighed by the weapons' effectiveness in combat.
Master Crafted Plasma Gun


Melta Bombs – Resembling a somewhat large grenade, Melta Bombs are explosive charges designed to detonate with intense thermal heat when activated. This thermal energy is capable of melting anything caught within its radius and as such is commonly deployed against the vulnerable parts of vehicles or used to bring down buildings or breach thick barriers.

Voting is now open for All characters again, and please vote for our reward. Do we take the heavy bolter, upgrade our Tactical Squads to access flamers or do we unlock Assault Marine Squads?