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Dawn of War II: Retribution

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 2: Mission 3

“Captain Diomedes, we've arrived on Calderis and not far from Argus Settlement. Scouts are reporting signs of active combat in the area at Youtube (Non-Polsy) Blip (Non-Polsy).”

“Captain! It seems the settlement is under attack by... some of our own.”

“Blood Ravens?”

“I'm afraid so, Captain. Imaging confirms it.”

“... Are you sure?”

“Yes Captain, I am sure.”

“Can you check?”

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Space Marines – Massive and genetically altered super-soldiers of the Imperium, the Adeptus Astartes are typically assembled in thousand-strong-or-so groups called Chapters. Each Space Marine is gifted with extra organs and functions that allow him to fight in places or with wounds that would kill a regular person, and wield the finest weapons and armour available. Able to act mostly autonomously from the standard command chain of the Imperial war machine, Space Marines specialise in plunging into the enemy and carving out their heart before they even know what is happening.
The Blood Ravens Chapter prize knowledge above all else, but their fairly secretive behaviour has only fostered a rot from within that now begins to bear fruit. Following a leader known as the Ascendant One certain members of the Chapter serve a darker purpose, and commit acts that are an affront to the Imperial Creed. If they are not stopped, the whole Chapter could suffer for their heresy.


Calderis – The desert planet of Calderis suffered much during the conflicts against the Tyranids and then the Black Legion, particularly under the predations of an Ork Warboss known as Bonesmasha. Though Calderis remains in Imperial hands as a Blood Ravens recruiting world there is still the ever-present danger of the Orks who have splintered into different warbands after the death of their Warboss and who still roam the landscape killing and looting.


Razorback – Based on the durable and versatile Rhino chassis the Razorback situates itself between the transport capacity of the basic Rhino and the fire-power of the Predator, and sacrifices a little of both to achieve its duality. Quick and equipped with twin-linked heavy bolters the Razorback can easily smash through obstacles in its way to disgorge its cargo of Space Marines, while deploying smoke grenades in order to shield then from enemy attention while they get in position. Whilst an excellent firebase when facing infantry, anti-armour weaponry will quickly bring it down, especially if the enemy manages to hit it in the side or rear armour.



Power Sword – An inevitable application of power field technology attached to close combat weapons, the power sword is a flexible and dangerous weapon. Like all power weapons its field allows it to carve through armour effortlessly, and the sight of a Space Marine striking down his enemies with a glowing blade is a sight heartening to all with faith in The Emperor and his Imperium.
Balanced Power Sword

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