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Part 4: Mission 5

“Captain Diomedes, we've arrived on Aurelia and I have located the area we'll need to clear in order to access the next jump point to Meridian. You can see the briefing at Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy).”

“Minos Iceworks. Where we destroyed Araghast the Pillager's temple... and then later Araghast himself.”

“A site of bitter triumph, from what I'd heard of Eliphas' actions in that conflict.”


“Yes, Sergeant Cyrus?”

“Open the teleportarium.”

“Hmmm... I think not.”


“You have no idea how unsettling it is when you both talk at the same time like that. You sound practically identical.”

“Oh believe us, Captain Diomedes.”

We know.


New Content


Aurelia – Once the jewel of the Aurelia sub-sector, once the Blood Raven's home world, and once lost to the warp. Returned to the sub-sector as a ball of ice, the planet holds the fractured prison of the Great Unclean One known as Ulkair, whose near-release ten years before has left the place more hellish than even its time in the warp. Attempts to seize this planet and wipe out the influence of Chaos from its surface have failed, and many a guardsman has been driven mad by the myriad of voices that call to them in the night.


Assault Squad – After a battle brother of a Codex-compliant Chapter has accrued some experience with a Devastator Squad they are invariably drawn into spending some time within an Assault Squad. Space Marine Assault Squads are shock troops that rely on perfect timing to strike an enemy weak point, rocketing down from the sky on jump packs and setting upon their stunned enemies with close combat weapons or armour-destroying tools such as melta bombs.
In gameplay Assault Squads can use their jump packs to knock down enemy troops, and clear otherwise impassable terrain.
Thunder and Lightning – Allows the Assault Squad to equip Melta Bombs that do high damage to enemy vehicles and walkers, and blind grenades that temporarily stun enemy units.
Sergeant – Allows the Assault Squad to take a Sergeant, and grants the Merciless Strike ability to the squad which deals explosive damage to enemies directly in front of the Sergeant.

Dreadnought – When a Space Marine becomes so wounded that it is considered impossible for them to recover, there sometimes comes the decision to preserve the particularly gifted or experienced battle brothers within the life support systems of a Dreadnought Sarcophagus. These ancient relics are then fastened to specialist walker frames so that in times of conflict the wisdom of their greatest veterans can still be brought to inspire and assist their battle brothers with heavy firepower.
In gameplay terms Dreadnoughts gift a temporary damage buff to units nearby whenever they kill an enemy, and starts with Dreadnought Power Fists as its weapons. It can use the ability The Emperor's Fist to strike the ground and knock back enemy units around it. As with all vehicles it is susceptible to anti-armour weaponry.
Assault Cannon – Allows the Dreadnought to equip an Assault Cannon, which reduces melee effectiveness and removes the inspiration buff. The Emperor's Fist ability is also replaced with Assault Cannon Barrage, allowing the Dreadnought to lay down a destructive arc of fire about the targetted area.
Dark Age of Technology – Allows the Dreadnought to be upgraded to have additional health.
Multi-Melta – Allows the Dreadnought to equip the Multi-Melta and do significant damage to vehicles, which reduces melee effectiveness and removes the inspiration buff and the Emperor's Fist ability.



Bolter – The weapon Space Marines are most recognised for, the Bolter is a gun that fires explosive tipped self-propelled rounds. Ideal for lightly armoured infantry targets.
Consecrated Bolter

New Plasma Gun Acquired
Magnacore Plasma Gun

Commander Items

Battle Standard – Space Marines are indoctrinated at an early stage of their initiation to hold the Chapter and its deeds in regard higher than their own. No other type of relic in a Chapter collection symbolises this ideal than the Battle Standards. Not merely banners that exhort the greatest achievements of the chapter, these standards are often raised proudly during battles themselves, their honoured bearers leading by example in combat and exhorting their fellows to greater feats. In gameplay terms the Battle Standard grants the Force Commander the Rally ability that affects them and any allied units close by breaking all suppression effects and granting a temporary but great boost to their health regeneration.
Chapter Battle Standard

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Also please choose our reward for this mission. Do we Take the purity seal, unlock Terminator Squads or do we upgrade Scout squads with shotguns?