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Dawn of War II: Retribution

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 5: Mission 6

“Captain Diomedes, we've picked up a signal on channels Youtube (Non-Polsy) and Blip (Non-Polsy). The subject matter is extremely disturbing, and it finds its origins at the former Chapter Keep.”

“Where we banished Ulkair back into his prison.”

“A prison constructed by Chapter Master Kyras might I add.”

“I remember the daemon's parting words about the worth of his prison, Captain. Do you?”

“You know as well as I do I was not there!”

“Perhaps then you should tru-”

“Because someone blew up my headquarters on Calderis with remote bombs!”

“Captain, I'm trying to tell y-”

“And mined Apothecary Galan's corpse!”

“Please try to focus on-”

“And then when I tried to leave the planet on a Thunderhawk someone had reprogrammed the flight planner's logic engine to drop me off the loading ramp at one thousand feet into a valley full of jagged rocks!”

“And on the wall of the valley someone had exploded one of the walls in the valley to resemble a giant hand flipping me its middle finger, with the words No one messes with my babies on it!”

“Who do you suppose did that, Brother-Sergeant Cyrus?”

“... Avitus did it.”

New Content


Terminator Squad – Sometimes referred to as Tactical Dreadnought Armour, there is no finer protection for a Space Marine than a suit of Terminator Armour. Proof against even the strongest of anti-armour weaponry, Terminator Armour sacrifices agility in order to provide strength and stability so that a Marine may wield weapons in one hand that they would have struggled to control with two were they in Power Armour. Only those who have performed particularly heroic feats of valour in combat would be awarded the symbol of the right to wear such armour, the Crux Terminatus, as it is said each one of these sacred badges bears a sliver of the Emperor's Armour.
In combat Terminators are immune to suppression but cannot retreat.
Assault Cannon – Allows a Terminator Squad to equip an Assault Cannon, a high powered and rapid-fire weapon that tears through all infantry types.
Cyclone Missile Launcher – Allows a Terminator Squad to equip a Cyclone Missile Launcher, which allows the squad to lay down a barrage of high explosive missiles that do significant damage to all targets.
Heavy Flamer – Allows a Terminator Squad to equip a Heavy Flamer, an area of effect weapon effective against infantry that ignores cover and does extra damage to units within buildings.



Sniper Rifle – Looked down upon by most fully fledged Space Marines due to its common use as a means of silent and distant killing, the Sniper Rifle still finds a place amongst its training Scouts who must master every weapon type available to them. The Sniper Rifle has extreme range, stopping power capable of instantly killing almost all infantry targets, and will almost always suppress a target it fires upon.
Master Crafted Sniper Rifle

New Bolter Acquired
Artificer Bolter

New Power Sword Acquired
Blade of Divination

Commander Items

Jump Pack – Often times a Space Marine Chapter will find that its greatest weapon is a swift attack that deals a shocking amount of damage in one strike, or the ability to move with the flow of battle. The Jump Packs worn by Space Marine Assault squads or suitably impetuous commanders allow them to swiftly redeploy and come down upon the heads of foes who had previously thought themselves in an advantageous position.
Jump Pack


Specialist Bolter Ammunition – Though the Boltgun is famous for its standard rounds and the grievous damage they inflict on their enemies, there are different types of rounds that may be loaded in order to overcome a certain enemy or obstacle. Due to the limited availability and unique circumstances that would require such ammunition, access to these special rounds is typically limited to veteran units of Tactical Marines referred to as Sternguard.
Dragonfire Bolts


New Expendables Acquired
Contemplation of the Codex
Dreadnought Dispensation

Voting is now open for Martellus, The Ancient and Cyrus.

Please also choose our mission reward, will we take the melta gun, unlock the Predator tanks or Upgrade our Dreadnoughts to have Dark Age of Technology?

Please also vote on which hero should use the Contemplation of the Codex.