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Dawn of War II: Retribution

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 6: Mission 7

“Captain Diomedes. We have arrived on Meridian, and I'm afraid that during our time on Aurelia the Capital Spire has come under attack. We have some intercepted vox traffic with our mission data at Youtube (Non-Polsy) and Blip (Non-Polsy).”

“Much have we fought for this planet, and for the Governor.”

“Yes, I have read much about this Elena Derosa.”

“And what did you learn of her?”

“Commendations from the Captain of the 4th, accounts of her able assistance she provided when the former Governor fled... and an extremely curious work of fiction involving her and Sergeant Avitus.”

“She was a true ally once she became aware of the scope of our-”

“-Emperor damnit Thaddeus I told you not to put that in the archives!”

New content


Meridian – Capital planet of the Aurelia Sub-sector, Meridian is a hive world famed for the production output of its forges, in particular the ancient and powerful Angel Forge that produced weapons that brought down the Hive Fleet that threatened the entire sub-sector. Though it has stood firm against the great threats that bore down on it, the planet's maze-like Hive cities have made it all too easy for all manner of traitor and alien to escape retribution. Orks in particular are a tremendous problem for the planet, being that their obsessions with looting result in many pilfered pieces of important infrastructure.


New Chainsword Acquired
Blessed Chainsword

New Melta Gun acquired
Searing Melta Gun


New Power Armour Acquired
Matrias' Power Armour


New Expendable acquired
Second Gift of the Artificer

Voting is now open for Diomedes (two votes), Martellus and The Ancient.

In addition please decide who receives The Contemplation of the Codex and who receives the Second Gift of the Artificer.

Finally, we must select our reward for this mission. Do we take the power armour, upgrade our Dreadnoughts with Dark Age of Technology or do we instead upgrade the Assault Squads with Thunder and Lightning?