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Dawn of War II: Retribution

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 7: Mission 8

“Brothers, it has come to my attention that Ork looting parties are massing at Spire Golgotha. We cannot allow these greenskins to destroy equipment vital to the functioning of the hive. You'll find additional information on our battle plan at Youtube (Non-Polsy) and Blip (Non-Polsy).”

“I agree with Captain Diomedes. The archeotech must be secured.”

“Brothers... is this distraction really necessary?”

“Allow me to respond in the form of a series of questions.”

“Very well.”

“Brother-Sergeant Cyrus, would you say your rifle functions optimally?”

“Yes. It does. I fail to see what-”

“And it doesn't shoot you in the face whenever you pull the trigger, does it?”

“I... what? No. No it doesn't.”

“And that, Sergeant Cyrus is why we're going to go save the shinies. So that I don't make your gun shoot you in the face every time you pull the trigger.”

“I... I think a shiver went up my spine. I haven't felt that in centuries.”

“He's not kidding about that either. My sword's been giving me the eye for a while now.”

“...I think it's up to something.”

It knows too much.”

New Content


New Flamer Acquired
Ancient Flamer


Demolition Charge Packs – Thrown explosive that deals heavy damage to anything in its blast radius, especially buildings and infantry hiding inside of buildings. Due to the fact that the packs run on a timer, mobile infantry can avoid taking damage by running out of the blast radius before the timer runs down.

Smoke Grenades – Lightly armoured as they are a Scout unit cannot openly engage enemy forces without great cost and must rely on every technique available to avoid direct conflict, or if it is unavoidable then to make it go in their favour. Smoke Grenades are a means to shroud an area in a thick white fog that disorients the enemy whilst concealing the Scouts. The precious seconds bought by these grenades can often mean the difference between victory and defeat.

New Purity Seal Acquired
Ancient Purity Seal

Voting is open for All heroes and Cyrus gets two votes.

In addition please vote for our reward, do we acquire the power fist Skullcrusher, do we upgrade our Terminator squads to access Assault Cannons, or do we upgrade our Devastator Squads with Advanced Targeting?