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Dawn of War II: Retribution

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 8: Mission 9

“Captain Diomedes, we've arrived at Typhon Primaris but... something seems off. We should start at the old arena ruins via Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy), and expand our search for Kyras from there.

“Something 'seems off', Sergeant?”

“I mean it's too quiet. This planet was a hot-bed of conflict when we left, and even Eliphas hasn't popped up and yelled at us since we returned.”

“We uh... we killed Eliphas, Sergeant. You were there.”

“Killed him for the third time, Captain.”

“You honestly think he would return after failing three times?”

“You all let Boreale lead the Kaurava Campaign in spite of his failures.”

“Captain Boreale was a fine warrior who-”

“-Is noted for the following campaigns. The Mauling at Temperus, The Shame of Entinal and most importantly Operation: The Whole 5th Company's Supply of Drop Pods Falling into an Ocean of Liquid Metals on Burgess.”

“Look, everyone knew what they were getting into when he announced that last one.”

New Content


Eldar – An ancient alien race of dwindling numbers, the Eldar of the Craftworld Ulthwe came to the Aurelia Sub-sector to enact their own plan to defeat the encroaching Hive Fleet, but were beaten back by the Blood Ravens and suffered great losses they could ill afford. With the threat of the Tyranid invasion completely crushed, the Eldar have found another reason to remain in the sector. Upon Typhon Primaris rests the remains of fallen Craftworld was located, and with it a great many ancient stones that hold the souls of long-dead Eldar. To protect even one of these souls from being lost to the warp, there is little the Eldar will not risk.


New Missile Launcher Acquired
Titan Smasher

Voting is now open for Cyrus!

In addition, please choose between getting that shiny new Plasma gun, unlocking the Predator Tank for use, or upgrading our Dreadnoughts to equip Multi-Meltas