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Dawn of War II: Retribution

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 10: Mission 11

“Captain Diomedes! You're having a teleport based warp-dream! Get to Youtube (Non-Polsy) and whistle the Emperor's Requiem! Remember the words, but never say them!”

“Sometimes I miss having legs. Don't make the same mistake I did.”

“Don't forget your training! The bolter is your life! You are an extension of it! It named you! It raised you! Kill it!”

“The hardest thing about unprotected warp travel is the bugs crawling inside your flesh. You think they're not real, but they are. Then they get out.”

“You're going to die a traitor's death.”

“I love this show.”

New Content


The Judgement of Carrion – An ancient space hulk derelict that plagues the Sub-Sector, the Judgement of Carrion moves by its own disturbing schedule and its appearance is a most dire of portents. The Judgement has claimed the souls of many who have sought to explore its alien-filled halls, and it is within this horror-wreck that Kyras' damnation began.



New Flamer Acquired


New Power Armour Acquired
Faultless Faith

Voting is now open for Cyrus twice! Please give him two advances.

Also please choose our reward. Shall we get the purity seal, upgrade the Predators with enhanced armour or upgrade our dreadnoughts to carry multi-meltas?

Currently I'm having difficulty getting Blip to not be horrible, so there won't be a blip link until it unhorribles.