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Dawn of War II: Retribution

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 11: Mission 12

“Captain Diomedes, before we leave for Cyrene I'd highly recommend you listen to his announcement at Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy). I believe we may have a chance to secure lost and valuable archeotech that will aid us in our fight against Chapter Master Kyras.”

“For the record Captain Diomedes, this is where you yell at Brother Martellus for trying to get us all killed again.”

“In all honesty Sergeant Cyrus, with everything we've gone though... the Judgement of Carrion seems a lot more... cuddly these days.”

Cuddly, Sergeant Tarkus?”

“Allow me to explain. We've picked through this space hulk when it was infused with the power of the warp, we've battled near endless waves of Tyranids to recover lost gene-seed, and we've fought our away across it at one of our darkest times. It has lost much of the threat I felt when I first set foot in it over a decade ago.”

“I suppose in a way, were it even logical to give animal qualities something like a space hulk, we could consider this lifting of quarantine to be like the Judgement of Carrion rolling over and showing us its belly.”

“That may be so Brother Martellus, but you could no more tame a space hulk than a Grox or Ambull could be trained to feed from your hand.”

“And for the love of the Emperor please stop stroking the wall so affectionately, it's disturbing.”

“Ah, apologies Sergeant Cyrus.”

“It's not less disturbing when you use your servo-arm, tech-marine.”

New Content



New Plasma Gun Acquired
Blasphemy of the Mechanicus


New Power Armour Acquired
Star Shield


Blind Grenades – When detonated a Blind Grenade releases a bright flash of energy that incapacitates rather than harms its targets. When struck by a Blind Grenade's blast an enemy unit will be stunned for a short period of time. Blind grenades do not work on vehicles or infantry units that are inside of a building.

Cluster Mines – When attached to a Space Marine Company for their training, a Scout unit will often find itself acting on intel gathering and attacking targets of opportunity far from the main points of conflict. To assist in any ambushes these Initiates may undertake the Scout Sergeant may bring Cluster Mines on the mission, and lure enemies into carefully prepared traps. These small proximity-activated mines deal a large amount of damage to enemy infantry, but have negligible effect on vehicles.

Litanies of Vigour – There are many texts and prayers used by those in the Imperium that carry the power to move some individuals to action beyond what they were capable. The Litanies of Vigour are inspirational pieces written to stir a Space Marine to continue on even when exhausted. In gameplay terms each use replenishes the energy of its user and anyone within its radius of effect.


New Expendable Acquired
Final Gift of the Artificer

Voting is open for Tarkus and Martellus. Voting is also open for who will receive The Final Gift of the Artificer!

In addition please vote for our reward. Shall we acquire the Bolter, upgrade Predators to have enhanced armour or will we upgrade our Terminators to carry Cyclone Missile Launchers?