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Dawn of War II: Retribution

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 12: Mission 13

“Captain Diomedes, Martellus has identified communications on Typhon Primaris commonly associated with the Eldar. You can review the intercepted information at Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy).”

“The Eldar have been a constant thorn in our side in this sub-sector, I believe it is in our best interests to round on them and drive them out.”

“What makes you think they are in a position to be routed?”

“That we were able to intercept their transmissions at all.”

“I see. What do you say, Sergeant Tarkus?”

“Given the circumstances I would suggest popcorn.”

“Not for the first time since Angelos sent you all to me, I'm not sure I follow.”

“Something for you to eat Captain Diomedes.”

“While you watch as I break some xenos over my knee.”

New Content



Power Fist – By applying a power field generator to a heavy gauntlet the Imperium has a weapon that allows its wearer to deliver physical blows many times the bearer's strength. When wielded by a Space Marine a Power Fist is capable of tearing through armour as though it were paper. Such is the power of the field surrounding the fist that the discharges of its blows can also temporarily stun enemy walkers and vehicles. The weapon's greatest drawback is that the weight of the gauntlet and its field generator make it unwieldy and incapable of fast attacking.
Polaris Fist

Plasma Cannon – The natural progression of weapon technology in the Imperium, the Plasma Cannon takes the powerful and volatile design of the plasma gun and makes it larger. Now a danger not merely to the user but to anyone standing nearby, the Plasma Cannon is nonetheless a weapon that will reduce vehicles and infantry to nothing in the large incandescent explosions of its projectile's impact.
Light of Calderis

New Sniper Rifle Acquired
The Merciful Judge

Commander Items

Iron Halo – Those that lead Space Marine forces typically lead from the front where their honed combat skills are put to use in critical locations. Though they are indeed mighty warriors they are still mortal, and as such Space Marine Chapters employ a type of wargear that acts as both a symbol of position and a form of protection. This symbol takes the form of an Iron Halo that rests atop the commander's back-pack, utilising the energy of the pack to power a strong personal energy field. This field will stand proof against almost all attacks directed towards the Iron Halo's bearer so long as it can generate the energy to sustain it, though resisting such attacks will deplete its strength. Though the shield can be overwhelmed it merely needs time to recharge energy before it may be used again.
Iron Halo


New Specialist Bolter Ammo Acquired
Kraken Bolts


New Expendable Acquired
Assault Dispensation

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