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Part 13: Mission 14

“Captain! No time to waste. Don't bother reading the briefing at Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy). Let's just get down to Cyrene.”

“Are you quite alright Techma-”

“Stop pretending you know how to cogitate! Planet. Now.”

“Brother Martellus seems agitated.”

“What exactly are... shinies?”

“Where?! Why haven't we left yet?!”

“Wait. I think I understand. Almost. He gets like this over technology?”

“You should have seen him when we found him fighting the Black Legion at the steps of the Astronomic Array.”

“Froth coming out of his vox, one hand holding a bolter and the other arm hugging to the array. The servo arm punching a traitor.”

“So considering his excitement right now, what can we expect to find?”

“What we'll need to find are new lower power armour parts for Martellus. He's going to need them.”

“That was needless imagery Sergeant Tarkus. Please stop channelling former Sergeant Avitus.”


New Content


Cyrene – The planet named Cyrene was once one of the many planets that the Blood Ravens used for recruitment. It was a populous world that held martial competitions for the chance to be selected for initiation into the Space Marine Chapter's ranks, and one of the most famous of its initiates is none other than Captain Gabriel Angelos. When overseeing one such recruiting trial Angelos summoned the Inquisition and a secret meeting occurred over information none of the participants will divulge, and as a result Cyrene was subject to Exterminatus. It is now a barren and lifeless world where setting foot on the surface is forbidden under pain of death. Yet even a world such as this has a part to play in the war for the Aurelian Sub-Sector, and its ruins hold many secrets that Captain Angelos and the Inquisition wish would remain so.


Land Raider Redeemer – The ultimate land armour of the Space Marines, the Land Raider is protected by thick armour plating and is host to both sizable troop capacity and potent weaponry. It is the only land vehicle that can carry the sheer bulk of a Space Marine Terminator Squad, and even in the event of its crew becoming incapacitated or killed the Land Raider's machine spirit can still will its body to finish its important missions. The Redeemer Pattern Land Raider is the ultimate line-breaker, possessing enlarged troop capacity and potent weapons designed to breach enemy fortifications and safely disgorge its cargo whilst providing covering fire. Its most potent weapons are the Flamestorm Cannons on its flanks, super-heavy flamethrowers with enough intensity to melt even Power Armour to nothing.



Lascannon – Las weaponry is a staple form of armament at all levels of the Imperial Guard, for its ease of production, ease of recharge and also its precision. Space Marines do not tend to use the smaller las types in favour of bolter type weapons, but do not ignore the sheer power of the Lascannon and make heavy use of it in both infantry and on tank-hunting vehicles. Due to low firing rate of the high intensity beam of the weapon, it is most suited to the destruction of enemy vehicles and walkers, whose armour is little proof against the weapon.
Necron Bane

New Sniper Rifle Acquired
Cunning of the Night Wolf


Orbs of the Omnissiah – Sometimes referred to as Haywire Grenades, the Orbs of the Omnissiah are designed to disable vehicles. Though the charge they release when detonating does no damage, the electromagnetic pulse will temporarily render even alien technology inert, unresponsive and most importantly of all defenceless.

New Purity Seal Acquired
Apothecarion Seal

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