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Dawn of War II: Retribution

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 14: Mission 15

“Brothers. The time of reckoning as at hand, and Kyras has much to answer for. Our cause is clear and the Emperor is with us in our darkest hour. We will proceed through Youtube (Non-Polsy) and Blip (Non-Polsy) to rendezvous with Captain Angelos' forces.”

“I want you all to know that I had my doubts when Gabriel sent you all to me.”

“That's an understatement.”

“I had been given a Techmarine who wanted me to jump through ancient warp-devices, a silent penitent, and Brother Cyrus. I assumed this to be some foolish misdirection at best, and at worst an attempt to explode me.”

“But you showed me. All of you showed me how wrong I was.”


“And Kyras showed you twice.”

“Mistakes were made, I shall admit. But I want you all to know that should I survive this battle I will see to it you are enshrined in honour for the rest of your service to the Emperor. You will be looked to by all as a lesson to follow in honour and duty, even when those you serve are against you.”

“I am proud to call you brothers. I shall see to it that you all will gain a place upon the dart-board of leadership.”

“Now brothers, we go to war! For Retribution!”

New Content



Thunder Hammer – For many Space Marine Commanders the Thunder Hammer is perhaps the closest thing they would carry to a symbol of their position. Such weapons may be inherited by a Company's new Captain, or in times of grave need passed into the hands of a Force Commander on an important mission. Each Hammer is a powerful relic that carries a long and bloody history with it into every battle, and often creates new tales with its carrier's exploits. So heavy as to be wielded effectively only in two hands by a Power Armour clad Marine, all ranged weaponry is forsaken by the bearer in favour of a close range attack that can annihilate a foe utterly in but one strike.
Hammer of the Nameless


New Power Armour Acquired
Armour of Faith


New Specialist Bolter Ammunition Acquired
Vengeance Rounds

“I swear once this is over I'm blowing up that fracking dart-board.”

“Are we certain Diomedes has left us alone for now?”

“It's fine, he'll be deep in meditation till battle must be joined.”

“That is good...”

“Because that helmet reeks of oils and incense. I can barely hold my lunch up.”

“You're the one who decided we needed to cover up Martellus' betrayal, and take the fall in your name.”

“Worth every second spent making Diomedes awkward. I still can't believe he didn't figure out Thaddeus was hiding in each teleportarium to knock him out when he stepped through, so we could drag him across the sub-sector.”

“I can't believe you make me hide in a crate whenever I'm not doing that.”

“I don't remember us giving you permission to get out of there.”

“Still, you sullied your name for eternity and made us play along with it just so you could get access to more of the armoury.”

“It's too bad Kyras forced our hand. I was hoping to finish welding all the Land Raiders to the Thunderhawks so we could give him a surprise.”

“I guess we'll have to settle for killing Kyras the old fashioned way.

“I'll have Angelos' battle barge in position when we go.”

“Then let us go to war and slay the traitor in the Emperor's name!”

“Sorry Thaddeus, you have to stay in the box.”


Thanks everyone for sticking with us through this journey through the entirety of Dawn of War 2. You've all made this a treat and a joy to go through. This isn't the last of the content we'll be putting out for the thread, but the Campaign is done and dusted. Thanks for all the contributions, advice, critiques, recordings and taking part in the voting for all the important decisions I wanted no responsibility for.

It's been a blast, and I hope in some way this LP has encouraged everyone to look at Dawn of War 2 and all its expansions as something to purchase and play, and if you already own it, to replay. Don't forget that there's still lots of excellent campaigns in Retribution to play.

Still, this thread isn't over yet. We've got the replays of the best of three, and a finale that was requested by some people on Youtube where Coolguy and myself will face each other in horrible horrible battle. I hope you all stick around for that, and once again thank you all it's been an absolute blast.