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Part 15: Heroes, Characters, Adversaries and Locations


Acquired hero upgrades are in italics.

Captain Apollo Diomedes – Captain of the Blood Ravens Honour Guard, Diomedes is a very skilled commander and warrior within the Blood Ravens. Since the Heroes of Aurelia revealed to him that the Chapter Master had fallen to Chaos he has struggled to come to terms with the truth, his pride unwilling to accept that all along he has served a traitor.
Diomedes plays much the same as the Force Commander in Dawn of War 2. He performs best within melee but can equip ranged weapons, and can buff his troops up through his heroic war-cries and charges.

Current Status:
Level 10

To Victory – Diomedes charges to the targetted location, destroying most obstacles in his path and knocking enemies off their feet.

Zealous Leadership – Diomedes' attacks heals Diomedes and his allies.
Honoured Armour – Enemies that attack Diomedes in close combat have a chance to be knocked back.
Taunt – Forces a targeted enemy to focus their attention on Diomedes, drawing their fire.
Emperor's Strength – Increases Diomedes' strength and also makes it so that every attack against Diomedes restores his health.
The Last Stand – When reduced to low health Diomedes enters a state where he becomes briefly immune to all damage, knockback and suppression, and his energy is restored to full.

Weapon Prowess – Increases the damage that Diomedes deals with ranged weaponry. If using melee weapons, Diomedes' attacks his multiple targets around him.
Vengeance – Increases the damage Diomedes deals, and any enemy engaging Diomedes have their defence lowered.
Heavy Weapons Aptitude – Allows Diomedes to equip Heavy Weapons.
Stunning Strikes – Diomedes' attacks have a high chance of stunning enemies.
Certain Victory – To Victory is upgraded, causing the ground to visible tear up in the path that Diomedes runs and increasing the damage and knockback the move does.

Battle Cry – Unlocks the Battle Cry ability. When using Battle Cry Diomedes and all allies within its range gain immunity to knockback and a boost to their damage. Whilst under the effect of Battle Cry Diomedes' melee attacks are all special attacks.
Inspiring Will – For every 10% of health that Diomedes is missing, To Victory's cooldown is reduced.
Fearsome Shout – Battle Cry is upgraded to cause all enemies within its area of effect to flee, and reduces the amount of damage that they deal.
Righteous Vigour – Increases Diomedes' energy and reduces the cooldown on all his abilities.
Chapter's Vengeance – All of Diomedes' regular and unlocked attacks stun enemies.

Techmarine Martellus – One of the lesser recognised Heroes of Aurelia, Martellus nonetheless played crucial roles in locating weaknesses in the invading Hive Fleet, then in uncovering the sources of heresy within the Blood Ravens. He has come to serve Diomedes in part to provide the means and technological knowledge that may yet save the Blood Ravens from annihilation.
Martellus is a solid ranged combatant who can wield a variety of ranged weapons, but his best utility comes from his ability to plant turrets or beacons to assist his allies, and being able to repair any damaged war machine.

Current Status:
Level 10

Repairs – Martellus can repair allied vehicles and structures so long as he is standing right next to them. Performing an other action will interrupt this process.
Deploy Turret – Martellus can deploy a Tarantula Turret that is armed with Heavy Bolters. The turret has a limited field of fire and can suppress enemy infantry.

Powerful Sweep – Martellus' melee attacks cause knockback and have a chance to stun.
Omnissiah's Fortitude – Gives Martellus increased health. If Martellus is not deployed Terminator squads receive this bonus.

Remote Repair – Upgrades Martellus' repair ability so that the repair process is not only faster, but can be performed at a distance.
Inspiring – For every enemy that he kills Martellus regains health, and causes nearby allies to deal more damage. If Martellus is not deployed Terminator squads receive this bonus.
Teleporter Relay Beacon – Allows Martellus to build Relay Beacons that act as a point for squad reinforcement. In addition to this the Relay Beacon will periodically heal all nearby allied troops and reinforce units for free.

Arcane Knowledge – Increases the damage and area of effect of any grenades or proximity mines Martellus has equipped.
Strength of the Machine Spirit – Increases Martellus' damage. If Martellus is not deployed Dreadnoughts receive this bonus.
Missile Turret – Allows Martellus to upgrade his Tarantula Turret to fire missiles.
Tank Hunter – Increases the amount of damage Martellus deals against enemy vehicles. If Martellus is not deployed Dreadnoughts gain the chance to temporarily incapacitate enemy vehicles they attack in melee.
Venerable Dreadnought Drop Pod – Allows Martellus to call down a Venerable Dreadnought in a drop pod to the battle.

Automated Repair – Martellus can perform other actions whilst repairing.
Tank Warfare – Increases Martellus' energy. If Martellus is not deployed all vehicles gain a boost to their movement speed.
Blessing of the Machine Spirit – Grants Martellus the ability to target an allied vehicle or turret and temporarily increase its speed, damage, and rate of fire. This ability is channelled and Martellus can perform no other actions whilst performing it.
Extra Equipment – Grants Martellus an additional inventory slot. If Martellus is not deployed the Honour Guard unit deployed in his stead gains an increase to their health, speed and damage.
Curse of the Machine Spirit – Blessing of the Machine Spirit can be used against enemy vehicles, reducing their speed, damage and rate of fire.

The Ancient – There is a rarely invoked tradition within the Blood Ravens, that when a member of the Chapter performs a grave act or failure they may take a vow of silence and forsake their own name. Forever hidden under their helmet they are known as The Ancient, and theirs is an atonement often only found through death in combat. Whomever this particular silent warrior is, his prowess and flexibility in combat roles is substantial.
The Ancient is extremely flexible in the roles he can perform, and with the plethora of advances you can take there are very few weapons he cannot wield.

Current Status:
Level 10

The Ancient has unique abilities dependant on the weapon he is wielding. They are:
Charged Shot – If equipped with a Plasma Weapon The Ancient fires a charged shot that deals significant damage at and around its targeted location. If he is carrying a Plasma Cannon The Ancient fires multiple charged shots.
Promethium – If equipped with a Flamer Weapon The Ancient can set an area on fire, dealing damage over time to any enemy within the area of effect.
Frag Missile – If equipped with a Missile Launcher The Ancient can fire a Frag Missile, dealing high damage to infantry units in a small radius. Not effective versus vehicles.
Merciless Strike – If equipped with a Chainsword The Ancient can perform an explosive short-ranged attack that deals high damage.
Melt – If equipped with a Melta Gun The Ancient can let loose a blast of heat that is highly effective against infantry and causes slow on vehicles.
Suppressive Fire – If equipped with a Bolter The Ancient can lay down a constant stream of fire on his enemies, suppressing the target instantly if they can be suppressed.

Conviction – When abilities are activated The Ancient becomes temporarily invulnerable.
Unshakable – The Ancient is immune to most forms of knockback. If The Ancient is not deployed Tactical Marine Squads gain this ability.

Tactical Advance – Grants a toggled ability that when activated grants immunity to suppression an increase in damage resistance at the cost of movement speed. Whilst toggled Tactical Advance constantly drains energy.
Tactical Fortitude – Grants The Ancient increased health. If The Ancient is not deployed Tactical Marine Squads gain all Stamina upgrades that The Ancient has.
Sternguard – The Ancient's ranged attacks have a high chance of causing suppression. In addition every kill The Ancient makes restores a large portion of his health.

Devastator – Allows The Ancient to wield Heavy Weapons.
Target Finders – Increases The Ancient's damage and weapon range. If The Ancient is not deployed Devastator Squads gain this ability.

Maim – The Ancient's attacks have a chance to reduce enemy enemy defence and cause damage over time.
Heavy Weapons Specialist – The Ancient no longer has to set up or tear down Heavy Weapons. If The Ancient is not deployed all Devastator Squads gain this ability.
Artillery Master – The Ancient can call down artillery strikes that deal massive damage over a sizeable area.

Assault Jump – The Ancient gains the ability to rapidly redeploy via Jump Pack, knocking back and damaging any enemy units where he lands. This ability cannot be used whilst wielding a heavy weapon.
Charge – The Ancient gains a powerful combat charge. If The Ancient is not deployed all Assault Marine Squads gain this ability.
Lightning Strike – Upon completing an Assault Jump The Ancient gains a temporary boost to his speed and damage.
Tenacity – Upon completing an Assault Jump The Ancient's next jump costs no energy and recharges immediately. If The Ancient is not deployed all Assault Marine Squads gain this ability.
Vanguard – Increases the range, damage and area of the Assault Jump ability as well as granting it the ability to stun units wherever The Ancient lands. Each unit hit restores energy.

Scout Sergeant Cyrus – Another of the Heroes of Aurelia, Sergeant Cyrus has been sent to Captain Diomedes in order to assist in revealing their Chapter Master's heresies and sparing the Chapter a worse fate. Few others have the teacher's patience in dealing with Diomedes' pride that Cyrus has, and in meantime he assists on the battlefield with his specialist skills and knowledge.
Cyrus has changed very little from Dawn of War 2 and Chaos Rising. Still a master of infiltration and explosives, Cyrus fixes a great many problems you will face on the battlefield without being seen.

Like The Ancient, Cyrus gains different abilities depending on the weapons he wields.
Infiltrate – A toggled ability that renders Cyrus invisible to all enemy units that lack detection abilities. Getting too close to an enemy or using an ability will render Cyrus temporarily visible. Whilst this ability is toggled Cyrus loses energy.
Cyrus also has abilities that are dependant on the weapon that he is equipped with:
High Powered Shot – If equipped with a Sniper Rifle Cyrus can deliver a single shot that deals high anti-infantry damage at extreme range.
Promethium – If equipped with a Flamer Weapon Cyrus can set an area on fire, dealing damage over time to any enemy within the area of effect.

Suppressive Fire – If equipped with a Bolter Cyrus can lay down a constant stream of fire on his enemies, suppressing the target instantly if they can be suppressed.

Current Status:
Level 10

Recovery – Cyrus regains health whilst Infiltrate is toggled on, regardless of whether or not he's in combat.
Instant Revival – Increases Cyrus' health and enables him to instantly revive incapacitated allies. If Cyrus is not deployed Scout squads gain these abilities.
Silent Recovery – If Cyrus is incapacitated he automatically infiltrates and slowly regains health. Once he is revived he will remain invisible until moved or infiltration is activated.
Drop Smoke – When Infiltrate is activated Cyrus drops a smoke grenade that stuns all nearby enemies. If Cyrus is not deployed all Scout Squads gain this ability.
Remote Teleport – Allows Cyrus to mark a point and teleport to that point at will.

Rapid Reload – Increases Cyrus' rate of fire.
Deadly Aim – Increases Cyrus' damage. If Cyrus is not deployed Scout Squads gain this ability.

Lethal Efficiency – Reduces the energy cost and cooldown time of Cyrus' abilities.
Mark Target – Enemies attacked by Cyrus become marked, increasing the amount of damage that they take. In addition any allies firing at a marked enemy will regain health. If Cyrus is not deployed Scout Squads gain this ability.
Lightning Reflexes – Cyrus can activate an ability that slows down time and increases his rate of fire markedly for a short duration.

Stillness – Infiltrate does not consume energy if Cyrus is not moving.
Extra Equipment – Cyrus gains an additional inventory slot. If Cyrus is not deployed then the Honour Guard unit that is deployed in his stead gains an increase to speed, health and damage.
Advanced Infiltrate – Increases Cyrus' speed when using Infiltrate, and makes it so that Cyrus is no longer revealed when using abilities whilst Infiltrate is active.
Vigour – Increases Cyrus' energy. If Cyrus is not deployed then all Scout Squads may Infiltrate with no energy cost and do not reveal themselves if using abilities while their Infiltrate is active.
Master Infiltrator – Infiltrate no longer costs energy, and Cyrus' energy regeneration is not stopped whilst Infiltrate is active.


Captain Gabriel Angelos – The Captain of the Blood Ravens Third Company played a great part in the preservation of the Aurelia Sub-Sector when it was first invaded by Tyranids and then by the forces of Chaos. Yet it was his prosecution of the latter campaign that saw him become declared Traitoris Extremis by his own Space Marine Chapter. In spite of this Angelos still has many allies within the Imperium, and he has not given up on his mission to expose Chapter Master Kyras as a traitor and redeem the Blood Ravens.

Librarian Jonah Orion – It was Jonah whose gifted mind allowed Captain Angelos' Third Company to breach the Tyranid's shadow in the warp and save the Heroes of Aurelia upon Typhon Primaris, and in his assistance against the Black Legion he earned the right to join them bearing that title. He has since returned to Gabriel Angelos' side, to assist him both as a trusted friend and advisor.

Chapter Master and Chief Librarian Azariah Kyras – Once thought to have been lost along with the planet of Aurelia when it was swallowed by a warp storm, the Librarian Kyras was found aboard the Space Hulk Judgement of Carrion a substantial time later. Allowed back into the Chapter Kyras eventually rose to the double position of Chapter Master and Chief Librarian of the Blood Ravens, but with the return of the planet of Aurelia from the warp came a horrific discovery. There was a rot in the Chapter that worshipped a Greater Daemon of Nurgle trapped within Aurelia, and that the core of this traitorous faction was none other than Kyras himself.

Inquisitor Adrastia of the Ordo Hereticus – The Inquisition is a loosely affiliated and largely self-policing organisation within the Imperium that operates to root out anything that may bring harm to the greater Imperium and destroy it. The Ordo Hereticus deals with those that may turn to Chaos or to those who would abuse their power within the Imperium, and are often referred to as “Witch Hunters”, making it no surprise that accusations that Chapter Master Kyras had turned to Chaos have piqued Adrastia's interests. There is very little she would not do to see such an enemy destroyed, no favour she would not leverage or atrocity she would not commit in order to see such an enemy of the Imperium revealed and destroyed.


Chaos Space Marines – Vast legions of mad-men and daemon-worshippers are a constant threat to the body and soul of the Imperium, undermining it and destroying it in ways as myriad as the aspects of the warp-born gods that make up the Chaos pantheon. Chief amongst these foes of the Imperium are the Chaos Space Marines, warriors who have shaken off the yoke of Imperial control and become murderous champions to their new unnatural patrons.
Though the Black Legion were defeated and the Greater Daemon of Nurgle Ulkair was defeated and forced back into his prison on Aurelia, the forces of Chaos have not been driven from the sub-sector. Instead the conflict and madness that occurred drew more forces of Chaos to battle, and though their goals are widely divergent all seek the annihilation of the Imperial forces.

Orks – Orks are semi-fungal alien beings whose very nature compels them to war, and has gifted them with the latent talents required to conduct it in a wild and raucous manner. Even if an Ork infestation has been beaten down it is entirely possible for it to swiftly breed new opportunities to rebuild their forces, and as more Orks gather together for war the gestalt psychic energy they produce called a WAAAAAAGH attracts more of their kind from farther afield like moths to a flame.
Orks were a constant issue in the Aurelian Sub-Sector long before the Tyranid invasion, and although the Warboss Bonesmasha who had led them was defeated during that time the focus the Blood Ravens were forced to take to defeat the Black Legion has allowed the Orks to prosper once again and become another part of the quagmire the sector has become. Adding to these numbers has been a large force of Ork pirates known as Freebooterz who have entered the sector to take advantage of the two things Orks enjoy the most about a war. Killing and looting.

The Imperial Guard – The Hammer of the Emperor and The Backbone of the Imperium are two titles often given to the Imperial Guard, and with good cause for as potent as a Space Marine is the time and cost in their creation means their numbers are too few to cover all the conflicts that span the Imperium. Therefore when a tithe is called for a planet to give up its resources to the greater Imperium, men who are to be trained and armed as part of the Imperial Guard are often taken as whole regiments. Fielded in massive numbers from planets all over the Imperium, armed with potent weapons, assisted by specialist auxiliary units and backed up by powerful war machines there is little the Guard cannot grind down in a protracted conflict.
Unfortunately for the Aurelia Sub-Sector the Imperial Guard were unable to bring order to the turmoil upon their entry into the conflict, and to make matters worse many of their forces have been cut off from their supply lines and forced to fend for themselves. In the quagmire that the war for the sub-sector has become many have turned from the light of The Emperor in order to survive, while others have made heretical bargains to take advantage of the madness.

Space Marines – Massive and genetically altered super-soldiers of the Imperium, the Adeptus Astartes are typically assembled in thousand-strong-or-so groups called Chapters. Each Space Marine is gifted with extra organs and functions that allow him to fight in places or with wounds that would kill a regular person, and wield the finest weapons and armour available. Able to act mostly autonomously from the standard command chain of the Imperial war machine, Space Marines specialise in plunging into the enemy and carving out their heart before they even know what is happening.
The Blood Ravens Chapter prize knowledge above all else, but their fairly secretive behaviour has only fostered a rot from within that now begins to bear fruit. Following a leader known as the Ascendant One certain members of the Chapter serve a darker purpose, and commit acts that are an affront to the Imperial Creed. If they are not stopped, the whole Chapter could suffer for their heresy.

Eldar – An ancient alien race of dwindling numbers, the Eldar of the Craftworld Ulthwe came to the Aurelia Sub-sector to enact their own plan to defeat the encroaching Hive Fleet, but were beaten back by the Blood Ravens and suffered great losses they could ill afford. With the threat of the Tyranid invasion completely crushed, the Eldar have found another reason to remain in the sector. Upon Typhon Primaris rests the remains of fallen Craftworld was located, and with it a great many ancient stones that hold the souls of long-dead Eldar. To protect even one of these souls from being lost to the warp, there is little the Eldar will not risk.

Tyranids – The rapidly evolving, world devouring aliens known as Tyranids descended upon the Aurelian Sub-Sector there seemed little chance of overcoming the threat. Yet the Heroes of Aurelia and the Blood Ravens 3rd Company were victorious, and since that time the left over biomorphs have been a lesser but still dangerous threat in the sub-sector, primarily due to being all but cut off from the Hive Mind that controls and directs their hunger and leaving them as dangerous predatory creatures. Yet so long as Tyranids of any kind remain there is a chance that the will of the Hive Mind may once again be exerted upon them, tougher and smarter from its original defeat.


Typhon Primaris – A Feral World that the Blood Ravens used for recruitment used to be known for its thick jungles, hidden technology and feral Orks, but after the Tyranid invasion it became the site of the great battle that broke the Hive Fleet's assault and spared the Sub-Sector. Yet even after that Typhon Primaris has been revealed to hold ever more secrets such as the remains of an Eldar Craftworld, and its vast untamed landscape is now filled with hidden traitor forces and an ever increasing Xenos infestation of many breeds.

Calderis – The desert planet of Calderis suffered much during the conflicts against the Tyranids and then the Black Legion, particularly under the predations of an Ork Warboss known as Bonesmasha. Though Calderis remains in Imperial hands as a Blood Ravens recruiting world there is still the ever-present danger of the Orks who have splintered into different warbands after the death of their Warboss and who still roam the landscape killing and looting.

Aurelia – Once the jewel of the Aurelia sub-sector, once the Blood Raven's home world, and once lost to the warp. Returned to the sub-sector as a ball of ice, the planet holds the fractured prison of the Great Unclean One known as Ulkair, whose near-release ten years before has left the place more hellish than even its time in the warp. Attempts to seize this planet and wipe out the influence of Chaos from its surface have failed, and many a guardsman has been driven mad by the myriad of voices that call to them in the night.

Meridian – Capital planet of the Aurelia Sub-sector, Meridian is a hive world famed for the production output of its forges, in particular the ancient and powerful Angel Forge that produced weapons that brought down the Hive Fleet that threatened the entire sub-sector. Though it has stood firm against the great threats that bore down on it, the planet's maze-like Hive cities have made it all too easy for all manner of traitor and alien to escape retribution. Orks in particular are a tremendous problem for the planet, being that their obsessions with looting result in many pilfered pieces of important infrastructure.

The Judgement of Carrion – An ancient space hulk derelict that plagues the Sub-Sector, the Judgement of Carrion moves by its own disturbing schedule and its appearance is a most dire of portents. The Judgement has claimed the souls of many who have sought to explore its alien-filled halls, and it is within this horror-wreck that Kyras' damnation began.

Cyrene – The planet named Cyrene was once one of the many planets that the Blood Ravens used for recruitment. It was a populous world that held martial competitions for the chance to be selected for initiation into the Space Marine Chapter's ranks, and one of the most famous of its initiates is none other than Captain Gabriel Angelos. When overseeing one such recruiting trial Angelos summoned the Inquisition and a secret meeting occurred over information none of the participants will divulge, and as a result Cyrene was subject to Exterminatus. It is now a barren and lifeless world where setting foot on the surface is forbidden under pain of death. Yet even a world such as this has a part to play in the war for the Aurelian Sub-Sector, and its ruins hold many secrets that Captain Angelos and the Inquisition wish would remain so.