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Part 16: Units and Wargear


Acquired upgrades will be in italics.

Scout Squad – Before a recruit who survives initiation and organ implantation can truly become a Space Marine they must first master all the ways and means of war. Lightly armoured for stealth and wielding a variety of tools not commonly employed by Space Marines the Scouts conduct missions of reconnaissance and sabotage under the guidance of a Space Marine Sergeant instructor.
In gameplay Scouts are fragile, but can infiltrate to become invisible to their enemies.
Sniper Rifles – Allows a Scout Squad to equip Sniper Rifles. Sniper Rifles take time for the squad to deploy, but once it fires it deals high damage to infantry at long range and can snipe units in buildings.
Shotguns – Allows a Scout Squad to equip Shotguns. Shotguns have a close range but high damage, and have a chance to knock an enemy off its feet. Equipping shotguns to the Scout Squad also grants them the explosive shot ability, a high powered explosive attack that does knockback and significant damage.
Scout Sergeant – Allows a Scout Squad to add a Scout Sergeant to the squad. Scout Sergeants can detect infiltrated units, and allow the Scout Squad to use frag grenades.

Devastator Squad – The Codex Astartes typically proscribes the role of Devastator Squad as a first deployment for a newly fledged Space Marine, yet it is a role that is extremely important in combat. Laying down fire from their heavy weapons, Devastators suppress enemy squads and destroy enemy armour so that their battle brothers may pursue their missions unharmed.
In gameplay Devastators are vulnerable to melee and take time to deploy their weapons to face an arc, but their Heavy Bolters quickly cause suppression.
Lascannon – Allows the Devastator Squad to exchange the Heavy Bolter for a Lascannon. Lascannons are long range anti-tank weapons with a slow fire rate but extremely high damage. Regular restrictions for setup time still apply.
Advanced Targetting – Grants the Vengeance Rounds ability to the squad, allowing their Heavy Bolter to fire shots that deal more damage but do not suppress enemy infantry. Vengeance Round shots also do light damage to vehicles.

Tactical Marine Squad – When a Space Marine has been deemed to have fully mastered their role as a warrior within a Chapter, they are ready to be assigned to the Tactical Squads to put their lessons to good use. Not merely flexible in armament, a Tactical Squad has members who have learned the art of a defensive position and the timing of an assault, and can shift between the two stances in such a way as to turn the tides of battle completely.
In gameplay a tactical squad is capable no matter where you put it, and with upgrades is an army's best unit. Even without upgrades they come with the ability to temporarily arm themselves with Kraken Rounds, making their shots do increased damage to heavy infantry and light vehicles.
Flamer – Allows the Tactical Squad to equip flamers and deal effectively with enemies in cover or inside buildings.
Missile Launcher – Allows the Tactical Squad to equip missile launchers, allowing them to deal heavy damage to enemy vehicles.
Plasma Gun and Sergeant – Allows the Tactical Squad to equip Plasma Guns that are highly effective against heavy infantry. In addition it also unlocks a separate upgrade to add a Sergeant for the squad.

Razorback – Based on the durable and versatile Rhino chassis the Razorback situates itself between the transport capacity of the basic Rhino and the fire-power of the Predator, and sacrifices a little of both to achieve its duality. Quick and equipped with twin-linked heavy bolters the Razorback can easily smash through obstacles in its way to disgorge its cargo of Space Marines, while deploying smoke grenades in order to shield then from enemy attention while they get in position. Whilst an excellent firebase when facing infantry, anti-armour weaponry will quickly bring it down, especially if the enemy manages to hit it in the side or rear armour.

Assault Squad – After a battle brother of a Codex-compliant Chapter has accrued some experience with a Devastator Squad they are invariably drawn into spending some time within an Assault Squad. Space Marine Assault Squads are shock troops that rely on perfect timing to strike an enemy weak point, rocketing down from the sky on jump packs and setting upon their stunned enemies with close combat weapons or armour-destroying tools such as melta bombs.
In gameplay Assault Squads can use their jump packs to knock down enemy troops, and clear otherwise impassable terrain.
Thunder and Lightning – Allows the Assault Squad to equip Melta Bombs that do high damage to enemy vehicles and walkers, and blind grenades that temporarily stun enemy units.
Sergeant – Allows the Assault Squad to take a Sergeant, and grants the Merciless Strike ability to the squad which deals explosive damage to enemies directly in front of the Sergeant.

Dreadnought – When a Space Marine becomes so wounded that it is considered impossible for them to recover, there sometimes comes the decision to preserve the particularly gifted or experienced battle brothers within the life support systems of a Dreadnought Sarcophagus. These ancient relics are then fastened to specialist walker frames so that in times of conflict the wisdom of their greatest veterans can still be brought to inspire and assist their battle brothers with heavy firepower.
In gameplay terms Dreadnoughts gift a temporary damage buff to units nearby whenever they kill an enemy, and starts with Dreadnought Power Fists as its weapons. It can use the ability The Emperor's Fist to strike the ground and knock back enemy units around it. As with all vehicles it is susceptible to anti-armour weaponry.
Assault Cannon – Allows the Dreadnought to equip an Assault Cannon, which reduces melee effectiveness and removes the inspiration buff. The Emperor's Fist ability is also replaced with Assault Cannon Barrage, allowing the Dreadnought to lay down a destructive arc of fire about the targetted area.
Dark Age of Technology – Allows the Dreadnought to be upgraded to have additional health.
Multi-Melta – Allows the Dreadnought to equip the Multi-Melta and do significant damage to vehicles, which reduces melee effectiveness and removes the inspiration buff and the Emperor's Fist ability.

Terminator Squad – Sometimes referred to as Tactical Dreadnought Armour, there is no finer protection for a Space Marine than a suit of Terminator Armour. Proof against even the strongest of anti-armour weaponry, Terminator Armour sacrifices agility in order to provide strength and stability so that a Marine may wield weapons in one hand that they would have struggled to control with two were they in Power Armour. Only those who have performed particularly heroic feats of valour in combat would be awarded the symbol of the right to wear such armour, the Crux Terminatus, as it is said each one of these sacred badges bears a sliver of the Emperor's Armour.
In combat Terminators are immune to suppression but cannot retreat.
Assault Cannon – Allows a Terminator Squad to equip an Assault Cannon, a high powered and rapid-fire weapon that tears through all infantry types.
Cyclone Missile Launcher – Allows a Terminator Squad to equip a Cyclone Missile Launcher, which allows the squad to lay down a barrage of high explosive missiles that do significant damage to all targets.
Heavy Flamer – Allows a Terminator Squad to equip a Heavy Flamer, an area of effect weapon effective against infantry that ignores cover and does extra damage to units within buildings.

Predator Tank – The standard front line armour unit of the Space Marines, the Predator is based upon the ubiquitous Rhino chassis, but sacrifices transport space for thicker armour and hard hitting weaponry. Able to mount a wide range of weapons a Predator tank can perform just as wide a range of tasks in support of Space Marine operations. As its crew are all experienced battle brothers themselves, they are experts in bringing out the full capabilities of their vehicle, and apply them to precisely the right place at the right time.
Extra Armour – Increases the health of the Predator Tank.
Lascannons – Allows the Predator to equip Lascannons, making it much more effective against vehicles but less effective against infantry.

Land Raider Redeemer – The ultimate land armour of the Space Marines, the Land Raider is protected by thick armour plating and is host to both sizable troop capacity and potent weaponry. It is the only land vehicle that can carry the sheer bulk of a Space Marine Terminator Squad, and even in the event of its crew becoming incapacitated or killed the Land Raider's machine spirit can still will its body to finish its important missions. The Redeemer Pattern Land Raider is the ultimate line-breaker, possessing enlarged troop capacity and potent weapons designed to breach enemy fortifications and safely disgorge its cargo whilst providing covering fire. Its most potent weapons are the Flamestorm Cannons on its flanks, super-heavy flamethrowers with enough intensity to melt even Power Armour to nothing.



Power Axe – Power weapons utilise small energy fields that allow them to cleave through armour with little hindrance. The Power Axe and its mighty killing blows are used to great effect against heavy infantry, and it is a popular weapon amongst many Space Marine Chapters such as the Space Wolves.
Sanctus Mortis

Missile Launcher – Commonly employed by Tactical and Devastator Squads the missile launcher is a simple but effective means of bringing low enemy armour at range. A well aimed krak missile fired at the rear of an enemy tank is often enough to cripple or destroy it, and Space Marines are well versed in the tactics that make the most of the weapon's deadly payload.
Missile Launcher
Titan Smasher

Flamer – There are times when a Space Marine must face enemies who are both too close and too numerous for even their augmented abilities to deal with quickly. It is at these moments the humble Flamer finds itself in demand and is more than up to the task. Ideal for burning away vegetation or lightly armoured targets, the Flamer's spread is relatively short range but completely ignores any cover an enemy may be hiding behind or inside.
Master Crafted Flamer
Ancient Flamer

Chainsword – Standard close combat weapon of the Space Marines, the chainsword is an iconic weapon that tears into its foes with its spinning monomolecular teeth. Not only is the chainsword is ideal for inflicting grievous harm on lightly armoured foes, but the sight of what it does to a Space Marine's enemy will sap the will to fight of any craven foe.
Blessed Chainsword
Bone Saw

Melta Gun – At close range and facing armour there are few weapons more effective than the Melta. Though how exactly it works varies from model to model, the fundamental feature of Melta weaponry is that it works by agitating gasses at the molecular level, melting almost anything in its area into slag. The closer a Melta Gun is to its target, the more effective it is.
Melta Gun
Searing Melta Gun
Ancient Melta Gun

Plasma Gun – Plasma Guns are highly dangerous weapons that super-heat gas into a plasma form and expel it at a target. Not even the armour of the Space Marines can protect against a plasma shot, and even its user must be wary as overheating the Plasma Gun through excessive firing can and often does result in the death of its wielder. The risk of injury is seen to be far outweighed by the weapons' effectiveness in combat.
Master Crafted Plasma Gun
Magnacore Plasma Gun
Artificier Plasma Gun
Blasphemy of the Mechanicus

Power Sword – An inevitable application of power field technology attached to close combat weapons, the power sword is a flexible and dangerous weapon. Like all power weapons its field allows it to carve through armour effortlessly, and the sight of a Space Marine striking down his enemies with a glowing blade is a sight heartening to all with faith in The Emperor and his Imperium.
Balanced Power Sword
Blade of Divination

Bolter – The weapon Space Marines are most recognised for, the Bolter is a gun that fires explosive tipped self-propelled rounds. Ideal for lightly armoured infantry targets.
Consecrated Bolter
Artificer Bolter

Sniper Rifle – Looked down upon by most fully fledged Space Marines due to its common use as a means of silent and distant killing, the Sniper Rifle still finds a place amongst its training Scouts who must master every weapon type available to them. The Sniper Rifle has extreme range, stopping power capable of instantly killing almost all infantry targets, and will almost always suppress a target it fires upon.
Master Crafted Sniper Rifle
The Merciful Judge
Cunning of the Night Wolf

Power Fist – By applying a power field generator to a heavy gauntlet the Imperium has a weapon that allows its wearer to deliver physical blows many times the bearer's strength. When wielded by a Space Marine a Power Fist is capable of tearing through armour as though it were paper. Such is the power of the field surrounding the fist that the discharges of its blows can also temporarily stun enemy walkers and vehicles. The weapon's greatest drawback is that the weight of the gauntlet and its field generator make it unwieldy and incapable of fast attacking.
Polaris Fist

Plasma Cannon – The natural progression of weapon technology in the Imperium, the Plasma Cannon takes the powerful and volatile design of the plasma gun and makes it larger. Now a danger not merely to the user but to anyone standing nearby, the Plasma Cannon is nonetheless a weapon that will reduce vehicles and infantry to nothing in the large incandescent explosions of its projectile's impact.
Light of Calderis

Lascannon – Las weaponry is a staple form of armament at all levels of the Imperial Guard, for its ease of production, ease of recharge and also its precision. Space Marines do not tend to use the smaller las types in favour of bolter type weapons, but do not ignore the sheer power of the Lascannon and make heavy use of it in both infantry and on tank-hunting vehicles. Due to low firing rate of the high intensity beam of the weapon, it is most suited to the destruction of enemy vehicles and walkers, whose armour is little proof against the weapon.
Necron Bane

Thunder Hammer – For many Space Marine Commanders the Thunder Hammer is perhaps the closest thing they would carry to a symbol of their position. Such weapons may be inherited by a Company's new Captain, or in times of grave need passed into the hands of a Force Commander on an important mission. Each Hammer is a powerful relic that carries a long and bloody history with it into every battle, and often creates new tales with its carrier's exploits. So heavy as to be wielded effectively only in two hands by a Power Armour clad Marine, all ranged weaponry is forsaken by the bearer in favour of a close range attack that can annihilate a foe utterly in but one strike.
Hammer of the Nameless


Power Armour – The standard armour of the Space Marine. Made from thick ceramite it is capable of warding off the fiercest of blows and its systems grant its wearer increased strength. Due to the unique physical make-up of the Space Marine, their power armour is also directly interfaced with their body, granting them ease of movement and articulation in what would otherwise be cumbersome armour.
Armour of the Martyr
Armour of Fortitude
Artificer Power Armour
Armour of Leadership
Matrias' Power Armour
Faultless Faith
Star Shield
Armour of Faith

Commander Items

Power Armour Helmet – Though the famous image of Space Marines often has their heroes bereft of any head protection, no commander is too proud to admit that there are times when wearing a helmet is the safest and sanest course of action. Many Commander Helms are augmented with advanced tactical readouts that keep them updated of events even as they fight, and allow them to co-ordinate their troops almost like extensions of their own body, even whilst enemy rounds glance off their head.
Helm of the Champion

Battle Standard – Space Marines are indoctrinated at an early stage of their initiation to hold the Chapter and its deeds in regard higher than their own. No other type of relic in a Chapter collection symbolises this ideal than the Battle Standards. Not merely banners that exhort the greatest achievements of the chapter, these standards are often raised proudly during battles themselves, their honoured bearers leading by example in combat and exhorting their fellows to greater feats. In gameplay terms the Battle Standard grants the Force Commander the Rally ability that affects them and any allied units close by breaking all suppression effects and granting a temporary but great boost to their health regeneration.
Chapter Battle Standard

Jump Pack – Often times a Space Marine Chapter will find that its greatest weapon is a swift attack that deals a shocking amount of damage in one strike, or the ability to move with the flow of battle. The Jump Packs worn by Space Marine Assault squads or suitably impetuous commanders allow them to swiftly redeploy and come down upon the heads of foes who had previously thought themselves in an advantageous position.
Jump Pack

Iron Halo – Those that lead Space Marine forces typically lead from the front where their honed combat skills are put to use in critical locations. Though they are indeed mighty warriors they are still mortal, and as such Space Marine Chapters employ a type of wargear that acts as both a symbol of position and a form of protection. This symbol takes the form of an Iron Halo that rests atop the commander's back-pack, utilising the energy of the pack to power a strong personal energy field. This field will stand proof against almost all attacks directed towards the Iron Halo's bearer so long as it can generate the energy to sustain it, though resisting such attacks will deplete its strength. Though the shield can be overwhelmed it merely needs time to recharge energy before it may be used again.
Iron Halo


Frag Grenades – Thrown explosives that are effective against enemies that are grouped together, hiding in buildings or hiding in cover. Especially deadly against light infantry, but mostly ineffective against vehicles. Also causes knockdown.

Stimulant Kit – A field kit used to instantly restore incapacitated squad leaders, and for healing the user and other squads nearby still on their feet.

Purity Seals – Before battle a Space Marine may see fit to inscribe a prayer onto a piece of parchment that relates to his goals, feelings or needs in the coming mission. This parchment is then affixed to his armour by seals made of wax. Many believe that these Purity Seals protect the wearer against corruption or harm when fighting, and whether this is true or they merely inspire the Space Marine to greater confidence they seem to work.
Chant of the Righteous
Ancient Purity Seal
Apothecarion Seal

Melta Bombs – Resembling a somewhat large grenade, Melta Bombs are explosive charges designed to detonate with intense thermal heat when activated. This thermal energy is capable of melting anything caught within its radius and as such is commonly deployed against the vulnerable parts of vehicles or used to bring down buildings or breach thick barriers.

Specialist Bolter Ammunition – Though the Boltgun is famous for its standard rounds and the grievous damage they inflict on their enemies, there are different types of rounds that may be loaded in order to overcome a certain enemy or obstacle. Due to the limited availability and unique circumstances that would require such ammunition, access to these special rounds is typically limited to veteran units of Tactical Marines referred to as Sternguard.
Dragonfire Bolts
Kraken Bolts
Vengeance Rounds

Demolition Charge Packs – Thrown explosive that deals heavy damage to anything in its blast radius, especially buildings and infantry hiding inside of buildings. Due to the fact that the packs run on a timer, mobile infantry can avoid taking damage by running out of the blast radius before the timer runs down.

Smoke Grenades – Lightly armoured as they are a Scout unit cannot openly engage enemy forces without great cost and must rely on every technique available to avoid direct conflict, or if it is unavoidable then to make it go in their favour. Smoke Grenades are a means to shroud an area in a thick white fog that disorients the enemy whilst concealing the Scouts. The precious seconds bought by these grenades can often mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Blind Grenades – When detonated a Blind Grenade releases a bright flash of energy that incapacitates rather than harms its targets. When struck by a Blind Grenade's blast an enemy unit will be stunned for a short period of time. Blind grenades do not work on vehicles or infantry units that are inside of a building.

Cluster Mines – When attached to a Space Marine Company for their training, a Scout unit will often find itself acting on intel gathering and attacking targets of opportunity far from the main points of conflict. To assist in any ambushes these Initiates may undertake the Scout Sergeant may bring Cluster Mines on the mission, and lure enemies into carefully prepared traps. These small proximity-activated mines deal a large amount of damage to enemy infantry, but have negligible effect on vehicles.

Litanies of Vigour – There are many texts and prayers used by those in the Imperium that carry the power to move some individuals to action beyond what they were capable. The Litanies of Vigour are inspirational pieces written to stir a Space Marine to continue on even when exhausted. In gameplay terms each use replenishes the energy of its user and anyone within its radius of effect.

Orbs of the Omnissiah – Sometimes referred to as Haywire Grenades, the Orbs of the Omnissiah are designed to disable vehicles. Though the charge they release when detonating does no damage, the electromagnetic pulse will temporarily render even alien technology inert, unresponsive and most importantly of all defenceless.


Expendable Items – Some items gained over the course of a campaign may have little or no use to an active Space Marine force. In these cases these items may be donated to the Chapter's record-keeping Librarium. In gameplay terms these items when donated may grant squads a substantial experience bonus, or turn the donated item into wargear, or other functions.
First Gift of the Artificer
Contemplation of the Codex
Dreadnought Dispensation
Second Gift of the Artificer
Greater Contemplation of the Codex
Final Gift of the Artificer
Assault Dispensation