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Part 48: Casualties Post-Mission 19

+++ Administratum File System Prayer Applied +++
+++  Performing Proper Requisition Rituals   +++

Resuming previous report, Standby:

Servitor designation RLB0K assisting Administratum Scribe Heavily

Thought for the day: Oh God Emperor They're Really Here Oh Shi

Begin transcription 5:
Situation Update: This will be the fourth attempt at gathering all the relevant facts into one document. Events have been somewhat momentous.

To begin with the most pertinent, the Tyranids are not only on Meridian but have been here for some time as of the time of writing. The Censorium offices suddenly requesting quadruple personnel a week ago should have been an indication. On these news going public riots broke out among the upper hab-spires, with early friendly casualty figures in the hundreds of thousands. One of my junior scribes also revealed himself as a Tyranid hybrid and attacked me. On the advice of my predecessor, I had fitted my personal scribe servitor with a hidden hot-shot lasgun to deter potential assassins, which succeeded admirably. Added to the expenses for this report are therefore one (1) "hot-shot" lasgun cell (30tg) and one junior scribe (est. ~150tg).

Second, Thule is returned. All my requests to reinitiate interview requests to him have been denied because he is legally considered dead and a relic of the Blood Ravens chapter, and therefore untouchable thanks to agreement with previous Meridian governors. Praise his return.

The third item will wait until the end of the updated Martyr count, being directly concerned with it.

Martyrs under the command of Commander Priad, advisory of RoboKy and Coolguye:

Initiates: 59 (+25)

Marines: 120 (+34)

-of which are designated;

Tactical 57 (of which 12 are Veterans) (+15)

Assault 26 (+5)

Devastator 37 (+14)

Under Captain Davian Thule:

Initiates: 10 (+4), Marines 1, Hero 1 (Davian Thule himself)

[Administratum note: this number may be somewhat inaccurate given the focus of existing combat reports from Commander Priad's squads]

Martyrs Per Deployment:
Mission 1: 6 Initiates (under Davian Thule)
Mission 2: 1 Initiates, 3 Marines
Missions 3-4: 4 Initiates, 11 Marines
Mission 5: 11 Marines
Mission 6: No Martyrs for the Emperor
Mission 7: 1 Initiates, 6 Marines
Mission 8: 4 Initiates, 1 Marine, 1 Hero (under Davian Thule:) 1 Initiates, 6 Marines (Under Priad)
Mission 9: 2 Marines
Mission 10: 8 Initiates, 15 Marines
Mission 11: 7 Initiates, 16 Marines
Mission 12: 1 Initiates, 10 Marines
Mission 13: 11 Initiates, 6 Marines
Mission 14: 9 Initiates, 5 Marines
Mission 15: 2 Initiates, 2 Marines
Mission 16: 4 Initiates, 2 Marines
Mission 17: 4 Initiates, 12 Marines (Return of Thule)
Mission 18: 2 Initiates, 6 Marines
Mission 19: 6 Initiates, 7 Marines

(Administratum note: Mission data for missions 15 and 16 (immediately following the Carnifex deployment on Typhon) did not traverse the Warp correctly. I requested clarification from the chapter. I expected a perfunctory reply, or none at all. What I got was a personal visit from Sergeant Avitus.

After engaging in pattern delta inter-imperium forces banter (veteran soldier insulting the honor of administratum and other imperial personnel while scribe smiles indulgently), Avitus proceeded to regale me with an extremely detailed account of his missions, including specific wounds inflicted on enemies. It was accurate and consistent with extant reports to the tiniest Ripper to the biggest Ork. I nearly had to request a vomitorium bucket. When asked how and why he would have assembled such data, he mumbled something about "more corpses". I suspect he enjoyed his visit, though it is impossible to tell.

After he left, I noted the loss of my Kronus Victory Memorial Paperweight. I assume that my former scribe has stolen it for some inscrutable alien purpose, and its value has been added to the expenses as well (est. ~500tg).

Finally, the Office of Thought has officially blamed hive-scum hereteks for the current Thought for the Day. Two people have been executed.)

Current Martyr Total for the Aurelia Campaign: 179 Blood Ravens, of which 59 are Initiates and 120 are Marines.

End transcription 5
Wow a lot of missions passed between casualty counts. Thanks to Avitus Coolguye for providing offscreen numbers! And we've officially lost over an entire company of full space marines, too.