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by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 49: Casualties Post-Mission 20

+++ Administratum File System Prayer Applied +++
+++  Performing Proper Requisition Rituals   +++

Resuming previous report, Standby:

Servitor designation RLB0K assisting Administratum Scribe Heavily

Thought for the day: It is better to die for the Emperor than live for your mom

Begin transcription 6:
Situation Update: The Administratum offices now stand half empty. It is currently impossible to verify the exact ratio of casualties versus desertion of duty. The prayer hall has not been lit for several hours as the ecclesiarchy reports inability to traverse the ongoing riots and active combat zones. Whatever remained of the reassuring daily routine of Meridian has become disrupted in a mere two days.

Due to events relating to Tyranids, sewage ducts and my direct superiors, I have been promoted a rank. Of the three new junior scribes assigned to me, one arrived without a left arm - lost to an Ork attack two days ago, with no augmetics spared from the front lines - and two did not arrive at all. Due to top-secret analysis of Martyr totals, this report has been bumped an additional security grade and officially designated Imperial Guard Intelligence property, thus leaving it outside the Astartes command chain entirely for the moment.

It remains my privilege to be witness to the awe-inspiring victories the Blood Ravens seize from the jaws of the Hive Fleet.

Martyrs under the command of Commander Priad, advisory of RoboKy and Coolguye:

Initiates: 73 (+14)

Marines: 168 (+48)

-of which are designated;

Tactical 57 (of which 12 are Veterans) (+0)

Assault 53 (+27)

Devastator 58 (+21)

Under Captain Davian Thule:

Initiates: 10 (+4), Marines 1, Hero 1 (Davian Thule himself)

[Administratum note: this number may be somewhat inaccurate given the focus of existing combat reports from Commander Priad's squads]

Martyrs Per Deployment:
Mission 1: 6 Initiates (under Davian Thule)
Mission 2: 1 Initiates, 3 Marines
Missions 3-4: 4 Initiates, 11 Marines
Mission 5: 11 Marines
Mission 6: No Martyrs for the Emperor
Mission 7: 1 Initiates, 6 Marines
Mission 8: 4 Initiates, 1 Marine, 1 Hero (under Davian Thule:) 1 Initiates, 6 Marines (Under Priad)
Mission 9: 2 Marines
Mission 10: 8 Initiates, 15 Marines
Mission 11: 7 Initiates, 16 Marines
Mission 12: 1 Initiates, 10 Marines
Mission 13: 11 Initiates, 6 Marines
Mission 14: 9 Initiates, 5 Marines
Mission 15: 2 Initiates, 2 Marines
Mission 16: 4 Initiates, 2 Marines
Mission 17: 4 Initiates, 12 Marines (Return of Thule)
Mission 18: 2 Initiates, 6 Marines
Mission 19: 6 Initiates, 7 Marines
Mission 20: 1 Initiates
Mission 21: 25 Marines (Tactical Withdrawal)
Mission 22: 6 Initiates, 2 Marines
Mission 23: 15 Marines (Assault on Eldar Witch Idranel)
Mission 24: 7 Initiates, 6 Marines (Heroic Defense of Angel Gate)

(Administratum Note: Missions 21 and 22 display an unusual amount of scout casualties. On further inspection of identifying features, these casualties appear to be casualties already incurred in previous missions. Indipendent verification of these sightings (loss of one (1) armed junior scribe est. 165.5 throne gelt added to expense report) revealed no trace of them. It has been officially declared to be a tech glitch due to insufficient incense and prayer.)

(Personal Note: Now that they can't see it; I think the Blood Ravens are just fucking with me at this point. There, I said it. Let the Office of Thought deal with me if my suspicions are wrong.)

Current Martyr Total for the Aurelia Campaign: 241 Blood Ravens, of which 73 are Initiates and 168 are Marines.

End transcription 6

+++ Incoming Transmission Detected   +++
+++ Restricted File Access Requested +++
+++ Enter Password: **************** +++
+++ Mars-Pattern Override Approved   +++
+++ Welcome, Tech-Magos Martellus    +++
Oh Thaddeus, doubled his total casualties in two missions