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Part 3: Mission 5

“Commander, our scouts have located another video. Deploy your squad to Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy) and watch it. Be advised that Mek Badzappa is really hard for me to say with a straight face.”

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Assault Sergeant Thaddeus – The youngest of the Space Marine Squad Leaders put under the Force Commander's command, Thaddeus is impetuous and eager to prove himself to his senior Brothers.
Thaddeus and his squad are defined by their ability to move via their jump packs, which allows them to travel up impassable cliffs or over enemy cover to strike at their heart. In this way they are the bane of entrenched gun positions and enemies weak to melee.


Eldar – An ancient alien race that fell due to its own excesses, the Eldar now ply the stars huge space-cities known as Craftworlds. A dwindling race, the Eldar shun direct combat and favour lightning fast strikes with powerful weaponry, illusions and the powerful psychic abilities some of their number possess.



Combat Shotgun – The humble shotgun sees much use across the Imperium for its stopping power and its flexibility of ammunition types. The shotguns wielded by Space Marine Scouts are weighty and strong, capable of blowing an Ork Nob off his feet at close range.
Initiate's Lesson of Strength

New Chainsword Acquired

New Sniper Rifles Acquired
Deathtouch of the Angel
Sighted Fury of the Forge World


Signum – The Signum is a targeting device that is used to co-ordinate fairly accurate artillery strikes made by Planetary Defence Forces or Imperial Guard on the planet. When used the Signum calls down a barrage of shots on a position that will annihilate most infantry and buildings hit directly. The amount of uses a Signum has during a mission is dependant on how many Communication Arrays you have captured on the planet of deployment.

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