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Part 4: Mission 6 and 7

“Commander, our network of Communications Arrays has determined that a new update can be found upon the planet Typhon, with two possible sites of engagement being Youtube (Non-Polsy) and Blip (Non-Polsy). Be warned that the Smugnatus Detector attempted to analyse this video and exploded.”

New Content


Typhon Primaris- The lush and overgrown planet of Typhon is another one of the Blood Ravens' recruiting worlds. A jungle world that is covered in old ruins the humans here are in constant conflict with hostile life-forms and treacherous conditions. Of its own importance is the amount of lost technology sitting out amongst the ruins, waiting inert for someone to stumble across them.



Plasma Gun – Plasma Guns are highly dangerous weapons that super-heat gas into a plasma form and expel it at a target. Not even the armour of the Space Marines can protect against a plasma shot, and even its user must be wary as overheating the Plasma Gun through excessive firing can and often does result in the death of its wielder. The risk of injury is seen to be far outweighed by the weapons' effectiveness in combat.
Plasma Gun
Fearsome Light of Truth

New Sniper Rifle Acquired
Sniper Rifle


New Power Armour
Raven's Barding of Flight


Blind Grenades – When detonated a Blind Grenade releases a bright flash of energy that incapacitates rather than harms its targets. When struck by a Blind Grenade's blast an enemy unit will be stunned for a short period of time. Blind grenades do not work on vehicles or infantry units that are inside of a building.

Purity Seals – Before battle a Space Marine may see fit to inscribe a prayer onto a piece of parchment that relates to his goals, feelings or needs in the coming mission. This parchment is then affixed to his armour by seals made of wax. Many believe that these Purity Seals protect the wearer against corruption or harm when fighting, and whether this is true or they merely inspire the Space Marine to greater confidence they seem to work.
Prayer of the Righteous
Oath of Loyalty

We did acquire a few "Superior" variants of things but they have literally the same description as the standard items so after much deliberation I decided on behalf of my sanity I wouldn't bother including them.

In other news SIRENS

Voting is now open for Force Commander, Cyrus, Avitus and Thaddeus

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