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Part 5: Mission 8

Don't scroll down to the bottom of the post until you've watched the video for the love of The Emperor you'll spoil EVERYTHING

“Commander, we've determined that Mek Badzappa will be staging a new episode and we need you here to reinforce our position. The enemy is approaching from Youtube (Non-Polsy) and Blip (Non-Polsy). Be advised that everything is great and nothing could possibly go wrong.”

New Content

New Character

Apothecary Gordion – The senior Apothecary stationed aboard the Strike Cruiser Armageddon, Gordion oversees the physical health of the Space Marines in the Aurelia Sub-Sector. As with all Space Marine Apothecaries Gordion must also see the harvesting of the Chapter's Gene Seed, a required component for the creation of more Space Marines that can only be taken from the corpse of a fallen Battle Brother.

New Wargear


Power Axe – Power weapons utilise small energy fields that allow them to cleave through armour with little hindrance. The Power Axe and its mighty killing blows are used to great effect against heavy infantry, and it is a popular weapon amongst many Space Marine Chapters such as the Space Wolves.
Of Fire and Blood

New Bolter Acquired
Righteous Wisdom

New Chainsword Acquired
Snarl of the Wolf

New Heavy Bolter Acquired
Chant of Resolve


New Power Armour Acquired
Merciless Truth


Melta Bombs – Resembling a somewhat large grenade, Melta Bombs are explosive charges designed to detonate with intense thermal heat when activated. This thermal energy is capable of melting anything caught within its radius and as such is commonly deployed against the vulnerable parts of vehicles or used to bring down buildings or breach thick barriers.

New Purity Seal Acquired
Light of the Astronomican

New Adversary

Tyranids – An alien threat that comes from beyond the edge of the galaxy, the Tyranids are a threat not merely to The Imperium but to every living thing in existence. Under the guidance of an utterly monstrous alien will known as the Hive Mind the Tyranids travel from planet to planet, violently subduing whatever resistance exists upon it so that they may feed upon the planet and its atmosphere until there is nothing left but a ball of sterile rock. One cannot communicate with the Hive Mind, as it drives its Tyranids on and directs its myriad fleets to constantly evolve new bio-forms and bio-weapons with one driving impulse that pushes each and every single one of its creatures on. Hunger.

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