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Part 6: Mission 9

Commander, I'm dead. Blargh. Youtube (Non-Polsy) Blip (Non-Polsy)

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Flamer – There are times when a Space Marine must face enemies who are both too close and too numerous for even their augmented abilities to deal with quickly. It is at these moments the humble Flamer finds itself in demand and is more than up to the task. Ideal for burning away vegetation or lightly armoured targets, the Flamer's spread is relatively short range but completely ignores any cover an enemy may be hiding behind or inside.
Superior Flamer

Power Fist – By applying a power field generator to a heavy gauntlet the Imperium has a weapon that allows its wearer to deliver physical blows many times the bearer's strength. When wielded by a Space Marine a Power Fist is capable of tearing through armour as though it were paper. Such is the power of the field surrounding the fist that the discharges of its blows can also temporarily stun enemy walkers and vehicles. The weapon's greatest drawback is that the weight of the gauntlet and its field generator make it unwieldy and incapable of fast attacking.
Gauntlet of Blood

New Plasma Gun Acquired
Purifier of Tombs


New Scout Armour Acquired
Brigadine of Swiftness

Commander Items

Battle Standard – Space Marines are indoctrinated at an early stage of their initiation to hold the Chapter and its deeds in regard higher than their own. No other type of relic in a Chapter collection symbolises this ideal than the Battle Standards. Not merely banners that exhort the greatest achievements of the chapter, these standards are often raised proudly during battles themselves, their honoured bearers leading by example in combat and exhorting their fellows to greater feats. In gameplay terms the Battle Standard grants the Force Commander the Rally ability that affects them and any allied units close by breaking all suppression effects and granting a temporary but great boost to their health regeneration.
Chapter Battle Standard

Iron Halo – Those that lead Space Marine forces typically lead from the front where their honed combat skills are put to use in critical locations. Though they are indeed mighty warriors they are still mortal, and as such Space Marine Chapters employ a type of wargear that acts as both a symbol of position and a form of protection. This symbol takes the form of an Iron Halo that rests atop the commander's back-pack, utilising the energy of the pack to power a strong personal energy field. This field will stand proof against almost all attacks directed towards the Iron Halo's bearer so long as it can generate the energy to sustain it, though resisting such attacks will deplete its strength. Though the shield can be overwhelmed it merely needs time to recharge energy before it may be used again.
Laurels of Hadrian


Cluster Mines – When attached to a Space Marine Company for their training, a Scout unit will often find itself acting on intel gathering and attacking targets of opportunity far from the main points of conflict. To assist in any ambushes these Initiates may undertake the Scout Sergeant may bring Cluster Mines on the mission, and lure enemies into carefully prepared traps. These small proximity-activated mines deal a large amount of damage to enemy infantry, but have negligible effect on vehicles.

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