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Part 7: Mission 10

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Captain Gabriel Angelos – Captain of the Blood Ravens 3rd Company. Hero of Tartarus. Wielder of the Daemonhammer Godsplitter. Gabriel Angelos is an accomplished commander and masterful warrior, and his achievements are held in high regard by all within the Blood Ravens. Where Angelos is famous however he is also infamous, as he was the one responsible for the Exterminatus order that wiped all life from the planet of Cyrene. That Cyrene was his home world has led many to question his purity and sanity, but Gabriel Angelos' deeds speak for themselves.


Missile Launcher – Commonly employed by Tactical and Devastator Squads the missile launcher is a simple but effective means of bringing low enemy armour at range. A well aimed krak missile fired at the rear of an enemy tank is often enough to cripple or destroy it, and Space Marines are well versed in the tactics that make the most of the weapon's deadly payload.
Missile Launcher

New Bolter Acquired
Brother's Keeper


New Power Armour Acquired
Mantle of Holy Fury

Command Items

New Battle Standard Acquired
Standard of Calderis

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