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Dawn of War II

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Part 9: Mission 12

“Commander, our Librarians have directed our attention to Calderis. You will find what you require to complete your mission at Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy). In addition I am requesting an update regarding the condition of Captain Thule.”


“Commander, you are hereby authorised to lock Sergeant Avitus in a drop pod between missions”

New Content


Power Sword – An inevitable application of power field technology attached to close combat weapons, the power sword is a flexible and dangerous weapon. Like all power weapons its field allows it to carve through armour effortlessly, and the sight of a Space Marine striking down his enemies with a glowing blade is a sight heartening to all with faith in The Emperor and his Imperium.
Stalwart Blade of Champions

Dreadnought Claw – In design the claw used by a Dreadnought is not too different to a power fist and is employed in a similar manner. Where it comes into its own is that the frame of a Dreadnought is able to apply far more force to the swings of its fist weapon, making the claw even more effective at crushing foes and tearing enemy vehicles apart.
Gauntlet of the Ancients

New Bolter Acquired
Terror of Xenos

New Sniper Rifle Acquired
Cold Mercy


Remote Detonation Pack – Another of the many tools given to a Space Marine Scout as part of their training, a Remote Detonation Pack is the ultimate tool for mass destruction and ambush. By utilising remote detonation instead of a timer or impact trigger the detonation pack can be planted and then activated at the leisure of the Scout unit, giving them ample time to move to a safe distance. A Remote Detonation Pack is effective against any target, be they infantry, vehicle or structure.

New Purity Seal Acquired
Epitaph of the Martyr

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