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Dawn of War II

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 10: Mission 13

“Commander, we're picking up some dread force of the warp in your vicinity. We suspect it is something horrible beyond even our super-human means of coping. I would recommend charging headlong into Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy) screaming at the top of your lungs. We have cleared you to use silverware to combat this menace. Angelos out.”

New Content



New Bolt Pistol Acquired
Stalwart Companion

New Chainsword Acquired
Gladius of Tenacity

New Shotgun Acquired
Fearful Judgement

New Flamer Acquired
Flame of Terra

New Power Fist Acquired
Power Fist


Dreadnought Armour – As symbols of the enduring nature of a Space Marine Chapter, it is no surprise that the armour Dreadnought is considered as important as the occupant that rides in it. Proof against all but the heaviest tank-busting weaponry, often times the armour frames a Dreadnought bears date back to the earliest days of their Chapter's existence.
Superior Dreadnought Plating
Barding of Mars

New Power Armour Acquired
Despair of Heretics
Shielding of Righteousness
Armature of Zeal
Glory of Matiel

New Scout Armour Acquired
Brigandine of Honour

Commander Item

Jump Pack – Often times a Space Marine Chapter will find that its greatest weapon is a swift attack that deals a shocking amount of damage in one strike, or the ability to move with the flow of battle. The Jump Packs worn by Space Marine Assault squads or suitably impetuous commanders allow them to swiftly redeploy and come down upon the heads of foes who had previously thought themselves in an advantageous position.
Soaring Truth

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