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Dawn of War II

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 12: Mission 15 and 16

Scroll down at your own peril! THERE BE SPOILERS

Also I'm aware of the weird cut in there at the Lictor briefing but decided it was minor enough to leave and get the video up and ready for everyone before I went to bed.

- “Hello Captain. I was thinking and well... I don't know if we have one of those Ultramarine stasis cells or not but I'm going to talk to you anyway. We didn't always see eye to eye, partially because you only had one since you were so atrocious at ducking. But I want you to know that I have always respected you and I just wanted to say thank you...”

- “Thank you for not objecting to me taking your quarters I mean. I had to throw most of your belongings out, but you weren't going to be using them any more anyway. Place looks much better without your crap hanging on the walls. Well, I have to go be a not-dead Space Marine and all that. Have a nice stasis-life Captain.”

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New Content



New Bolt Pistol Acquired
Hellfire Pistol

New Sniper Rifle Acquired
Gift of the Righteous Initiate

New Shotgun Acquired
Emperor's Justice

New Power Fist Acquired
Hand of Mercy


New Power Armour Acquired
Carapace of War
Unwavering Fury
Steel of Dorn

Commander Items

Teleport Pack – In the Imperium the usage of barely understood teleporters is risked only in circumstances where the situation is most dire, or the one being teleported is most brave. Such cases of teleportation are usually of larger scale, but sometimes there are pieces of technology found from ages past that will swiftly and safely teleport a single subject over short distances. Such items are treated as great relics and will rarely find use in battle, and only in the hands of those most trusted to keep it and themselves safe.
Tactical Relocator

New Battle Standard Acquired
Standard of Tartarus


Cyclone Missile Launcher – Terminator armour is not merely highly protective, but contains effective stabilising systems that make carrying and firing otherwise unwieldy weapons whilst on the move a viable option. The Cyclone Missile Launcher is in essence a rack mounted across the top of the armour and utilising special firing methods that keeps the armour's wearer able to wield his standard weapons normally, and allows said Marine to launch a salvo that saturates enemy positions and lays waste to all in its area. The only drawback the launcher has is its limited ammo capacity, and its positioning on Terminator armour making loading new missiles in the midst of combat an impossibility without an accompanying servitor unit and Techmarine handler.

Rites of Repair – The Techmarines who tend to the needs of a Chapter's weapons and vehicles are taught their craft on Mars where the Adeptus Mechanicus holds sway. Believing in a Machine God incarnation of The Emperor the Mechanicus teaches much of its ways through prayers and rites. Though the more complicated ones are beyond most, the simplest rites can be taught to Marine machine crews or those who may find themselves needing to repair a vehicle in the midst of combat, allowing it to continue to function till it returns to the care of a Techmarine.

New Unit

The Dreadnought – There are many times when a Space Marine is on the threshold of life and death, but beyond the healing abilities of an Apothecary. Sometimes this Space Marine may possess skills and knowledge considered indispensable to the Chapter, and so death is prevented by sealing them up in a Dreadnought sarcophagus that preserves their lives but forever entombs them in a hazy near-death state. These sarcophagi are then attached to a walker frame so that the Space Marine may continue to aid his brothers, and they in turn venerate him as both a wise teacher and a sacred relic.
In gameplay terms the Dreadnought is a machine of destruction regardless of whether it fights at range or in melee. It has high armour, health and damage output and has abilities that can annihilate swathes of enemies at once. The drawbacks the Dreadnought faces are that is highly susceptible to anti-vehicle fire, has no health regeneration, cannot use accessories aside from purity seals, and cannot pick up fallen allies.

Voting is open for The Dreadnought however I would like to add that if you are going to vote for Holy Vigour please vote for a second advancement as well as it's literally one point and there is at least two other advancements within striking distance even after that. If Holy Vigour wins out I'll count the votes of everyone who didn't vote for it towards the second advancement

Also on the block is voting for where we go next!

Do we:
Locate the Astronomican Array?
Gain access to Angel Forge?