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Dawn of War II

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 20: Mission 26

“Greetings, Commander. Thanks to your efforts on Calderis we now know the location of the... Ork Leader that possesses the data on the Astronomic Array. You can peruse details of your upcoming mission at Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy). Good luck, and I hope to hear of your victory over R-”

“-The ork leader.”



New Content



Thunder Hammer – For many Space Marine Commanders the Thunder Hammer is perhaps the closest thing they would carry to a symbol of their position. Such weapons may be inherited by a Company's new Captain, or in times of grave need passed into the hands of a Force Commander on an important mission. Each Hammer is a powerful relic that carries a long and bloody history with it into every battle, and often creates new tales with its carrier's exploits. So heavy as to be wielded effectively only in two hands by a Power Armour clad Marine, all ranged weaponry is forsaken by the bearer in favour of a close range attack that can annihilate a foe utterly in but one strike.
Hammer of Cadia
Undeniable Hammer of Truth

New Missile Launcher Acquired
Lament of Mars

New Terminator Assault Cannon Acquired
Wrath of the Just

Commander Items

New Battle Standard Acquired
Heraldry of Davian Thule


Drop Pod Beacon – Space Marines are famous for their Drop Pod assaults, the hefty atmospheric entry carriers barely slowing as they plunge to the ground to disgorge battle ready warriors. By using a beacon a Space Marine Commander may call down reinforcements with pin-point accuracy, and should the Drop Pod strike down on an enemy position there will usually be little left for the Marines aboard to fight when they disembark.

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