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Dawn of War II

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 24: The Final Mission

“Greetings Commander, the time is nigh for us to clear away key threats in the area and to subdue the Hive Fleet at its moment of weakness. You may find your briefings Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy). May the Emperor be with you.”

“Oh, and be warned. I had great difficulty getting this message to you, I can only assume the Hive Fleet is aware of your coming tasks and is preparing to meet you with all its force. Overcome it and you shall leave it truly weakened for your strike. Angelos out.”

Days earlier

“Now take this, Astropath and I want you to broadcast it right at the Hive Fleet. Every last word.”

“Avitus, this is over a thousand pages of taunts, insults and... can you even do that with an assault cannon to a xeno-type?”

“If I can't, they'll die trying.”

“This would take forever to send, what if Captain Angelos tries to contact us?”

“I'm sure he'd understand, Thaddeus. Or I don't really care. Honestly both are good responses.”

“Well that's fine but... wait. What is this on the last page? It's some manner of image of... ”

“Those, Brother-Sergeant Thaddeus. Are my buttocks.”

New Content



New Chainsword Acquired
Flesh Tearer's Pride

New Sniper Rifle Acquired
Silent Wrath

New Plasma Pistol Acquired
Banisher of Night

New Storm Bolter Acquired
Word of the Chapter

New Heavy Flamer Acquired
Cleansing Gift of the Inferno

New Terminator Assault Cannon Acquired
The Benediction Of Fury


New Power Armour Acquired
Isador's Folly
Undying Aura of the Primarchs
Mail of the Immortals

New Scout Armour Acquired
Garb of Kuros

Commander Items

Terminator Teleport Pack – All suits of Terminator Armour possess technology that allows the suits to be teleported from aboard their space-craft down to a planet's surface in order to surprise and overwhelm key enemy positions. Some suits however are capable of equipping power systems within them that allow for personal short range teleportation. Such warp-hops are incredibly risky and left to the steel-nerves of Terminator Assault Squads and Commanders.
Warp Shield Teleporter
Combat Teleporter

New Iron Halo Acquired
Diadem of Dante

New Teleport Pack Acquired
Transit of Faith


New Purity Seal Acquired
Rite of Holy Fury

Well that's it for Dawn of War 2's Vanilla Campaign! Next up we'll be facing down the Chaos Rising campaign and all its fun. Thanks for all the voting everyone, this thread will continue but it feels right to thank you all now for helping get us this far.