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Part 25: Mission 1

Let's Plague! Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising

Chaos Rising is the first of the two expansions released for Dawn of War 2, and features a lot of new content in line with the substantial content produced for the Dawn of War expansions. Amongst its new army and new units the game also boasts an extremely strong story campaign.

The Chaos Rising campaign picks up where the previous one ends, allowing the player to import their unit statuses over with their levels and skills where the player had them. The level cap for your units is raised to 30 and new skills are added to everyone's tree, some of which are hilariously powerful and a treat to see. There's more wargear as well, with new types of weapons or accessories that further boost the abilities and utilities of your team.

There's also a new character to use with a whole unique set of abilities and functions, and some more of that sweet sweet Relic Space Marine writing thrown in with familiar faces grimacing and chewing the scenery some more.

But perhaps the most interesting part of Chaos Rising's Campaign is that it has a new mechanic that has been worked into existing mechanics for the game almost perfectly. In essence as you play you will be given choices regarding your actions in battle, unit deployment and even your wargear that can change the purity level of your Space Marines. Do you pursue power and strength at any cost? Or do you walk in the light of the Emperor? There's benefits to both but most importantly of all these decisions have a significant impact on events that occur within the game.

It's all this new content combined with keeping what I loved about the Dawn of War 2 campaign intact that makes me consider Chaos Rising the best of the three campaigns in the series. I hope to show you why, and I hope you enjoy this journey paved with the blood of aliens and traitors.

Mission 1 – Youtube (Non-Polsy) Blip (Non-Polsy)

New Content

New Skills added to skill trees


Aurelia – The former planetary capital of the Aurelia Sub-Sector and homeworld of the Blood Ravens that had been engulfed in a warp storm has now returned. Once a fertile jewel of a world the planet is now a frozen wasteland pockmarked by the agonies inflicted upon it in its time in the warp. Though its return is a most dire portent there comes an opportunity for the Blood Ravens to reclaim the forgotten knowledge of the Chapter that may yet have survived Aurelia's banishment from reality.



Grenade Launcher – The Grenade Launcher more commonly sees use amongst the ranks of the Imperial Guard than it ever does amongst a Space Marine force, but are regularly as part of a Scout's training in all types of warfare. The grenade launcher fires small fragmentation grenades in an arc, allowing its user to launch shots over terrain that might obscure more direct weaponry. It is highly useful in disrupting infantry, and in the skilled hands of a Space Marine Instructor it can be used to launch barrages of other grenade types such as blind grenades.
Grenade Launcher
Vulkan Launcher

Lascannon – Las weaponry is a staple form of armament at all levels of the Imperial Guard, for its ease of production, ease of recharge and also its precision. Space Marines do not tend to use the smaller las types in favour of bolter type weapons, but do not ignore the sheer power of the Lascannon and make heavy use of it in both infantry and on tank-hunting vehicles. Due to low firing rate of the high intensity beam of the weapon, it is most suited to the destruction of enemy vehicles and walkers, whose armour is little proof against the weapon.
Gaze of Tigurius

New Bolters Acquired
Guilliman's Example
Stalker Boltgun

New Chainswords Acquired
The Unstained Blade
Ork Render

New Flamer Acquired
Purging Benediction

New Power Fist Acquired
Fist of Valhalla

New Power Axes Acquired
Axe of the Ravens

New Plasma Pistol Acquired
Pistol of Idaeus

New Dreadnought Assault Cannon Acquired
Venerated Zeal

New Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield Acquired
Malleus Terminatus

New Plasma Cannon Acquired
Golden Fury of Terra


New Terminator Armour Acquired
Barding of Kazmirus

Commander Items

Power Armour Helmet – Though the famous image of Space Marines often has their heroes bereft of any head protection, no commander is too proud to admit that there are times when wearing a helmet is the safest and sanest course of action. Many Commander Helms are augmented with advanced tactical readouts that keep them updated of events even as they fight, and allow them to co-ordinate their troops almost like extensions of their own body, even whilst enemy rounds glance off their head.
Helm of Command

New Battle Standard Acquired
Standard of Fearless Leadership


Smoke Grenades – Lightly armoured as they are a Scout unit cannot openly engage enemy forces without great cost and must rely on every technique available to avoid direct conflict, or if it is unavoidable then to make it go in their favour. Smoke Grenades are a means to shroud an area in a thick white fog that disorients the enemy whilst concealing the Scouts. The precious seconds bought by these grenades can often mean the difference between victory and defeat.

New Purity Seals Acquired
Pledge of Service
Prayer of the Righteous
Hymn of Fury


Expendable Items – Some items gained over the course of a campaign may have little or no use to an active Space Marine force. In these cases these items may be donated to the Chapter's record-keeping Librarium. In gameplay terms these items when donated may grant squads a substantial experience bonus, or turn the donated item into wargear, or other functions.
Contemplation of the Codex
Honorifica Corvis

Voting is open for Force Commander, Tarkus, Cyrus and Avitus

In addition at the beginning of this new campaign we are allowed to respec every unit we brought over from DoW2's campaign. If you wish to have any current unit respec'd to something else vote for “Re-specialise” instead of voting for the next upgrade for that unit.

In the case of Thule and Thaddeus who are not up for votes, choosing to not ask for a respec for them whilst voting for the others will be counted as a “no” vote.

If a unit is voted on to be re-specialised then we'll deal with how to change things up once that is ended. Feel free to argue relentlessly with one another on that.