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Part 26: Mission 2

“Attention, this is Jonah Orion. We are in need of assistance. We are transmitting data concerning our situation at Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy), time is of the essence!”

“I repeat! We require immediate assistance! Someone please respond!”

“Ah... I love this show.”

New Content

New Unit

Librarian Jonah Orion – Librarians are those amongst a Space Marine Chapter who possess psychic powers, and are keepers of the Chapter's lore. Jonah Orion was the sole survivor of the psykers aboard The Litany of Fury when it attempted to pierce the Shadow in the Warp to assist the defence of the Aurelia Sub-Sector against the Tyranids. Wise and capable, he is a close friend and confidant to Captain Gabriel Angelos.
In gameplay Jonah is a straight up caster, able to equip accessory-based abilities to either assist his brothers or deal damage to the enemy. All his wargear is bent towards augmenting these abilities and as a result Jonah is able to do some extremely fun and broken things.



Lightning Claw – A formidable close combat weapon, the Lightning Claw resembles a power fist with multiple blades extending from its knuckles. Each blade is the length of a Space Marine's forearm and possess their own power field generators, making it difficult to defend against with weapon or armour. It is favoured by many Assault Squads for its simplicity and effectiveness, and it is an inspiring sight to see one crackling with energy as a Marine descends upon his enemy.
Claw of Zeal

Force Sword – When in the hands of an average Space Marine the Force Sword is no better than a normal blade. But when wielded by a Librarian the blade channels raw psychic energy along its entire length. By all accounts an extension of the Librarian's psychic might the energies along the blade may be used to cleave effortlessly through armour as if a Power Sword, or released in a devastating blast of mental energy that burns their foe's mind to nothing in an instant.
Warrior Force Sword

Force Staff – Though a Librarian is well trained to wield the raw powers of the warp their minds can tap into, they still use wargear that may aid them in focusing these powers so as to not be utterly consumed by them. A Force Staff is a typical conduit, able to earth and channel the powers of a Librarian to be released as bolts of psychic energy or aid in the effectiveness of other powers when cast.
Staff of Jove

New Storm Bolter Acquired
Cruelty of Geoffros (Corrupting)


New Scout Armour Acquired
Reinforced Scout Armour


Litanies of Vigour – There are many texts and prayers used by those in the Imperium that carry the power to move some individuals to action beyond what they were capable. The Litanies of Vigour are inspirational pieces written to stir a Space Marine to continue on even when exhausted. In gameplay terms each use replenishes the energy of its user and anyone within its radius of effect.

Psychic Tomes – The vaults of a Chapter's Librarium contain tales of ancient deeds and forbidden knowledge in equal measure, and amongst the many tomes that exist within a Chapter's collection some are useful to those gifted with psychic abilities. Containing litanies and instructions for casting various powers these tomes carry within them a power that a Space Marine Librarian may tap in order to do anything from conjure fire from their fingertips to alter the flow of time around a singular point.
Tome of Wrath
Tome of Mist
Tome of Time
Tome of Might
Tome of Power
Tome of Force
Tome of Fire

Voting is now open for Force Commander, Avitus, Thaddeus, The Dreadnought and Jonah

I've decided since Jonah has 10 points to spend we'll do it the same way we did re-specialising Thule. Vote where you want the 10 points to go like so:

Stamina: 5
Range: 5

Everyone else you will vote for the next upgrade as normal

Oh and one last bit of voting as well. We have two piece of disposal items that boost experience. Please vote to whom you'd like to be given the Contemplation of the Codex and the Honorifica Corvus, you may vote to give them both to one character if you wish, and I think the Contemplation gives more EXP than the Honorific I forget I'm useless like that.