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Part 27: Mission 3

“Greetings Commander. Remember when I used to give you briefings? Those were good days... I'd tell you to check your details at Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy) and then you'd go do it.”

“Then I would say Excellent work, Commander...”

“...Good times...”

“Remember when you died and I put you in Thaddeus' bed while he was out on a mission so he came back and shrieked like a little girl when he pulled back the covers?”

“... it reminded me of a Howling Banshee.”

New Content


Chaos – Attempting to define what makes up what is referred to as the Forces of Chaos is difficult as it is as varied and non-unified as the name suggests. The most common form of Chaos faced by The Imperium are humans who had turned from the light of The Emperor to seek its ruin. Be they cultists or fallen Space Marines they are an enemy all too familiar with how the Imperium works and how to break it, and they leverage that knowledge through pacts with the fickle god-like beings of the warp who can grant tremendous power at the cost of one's soul and sanity.


Melta Gun – At close range and facing armour there are few weapons more effective than the Melta. Though how exactly it works varies from model to model, the fundamental feature of Melta weaponry is that it works by agitating gasses at the molecular level, melting almost anything in its area into slag. The closer a Melta Gun is to its target, the more effective it is.
Melta Gun

New Bolter Acquired
The Blighted Bolter First Form


Librarian Armour – As with all wargear used by a Librarian, their power armour is often inscribed or loaded with measures that allow its wearer to focus their psychic powers. One key feature of this armour is the Psychic Hood, a metal hood-like frame about the Librarian's head that focuses their mind and protects it from the psychic attacks of their enemies.
Superior Librarian Armour
Tigerian Halo
Warp Crown

New Power Armoured Acquired
Blighted Power Armour First Form (Redeeming)
Carapace of Pain (Corrupting)


New Expendable Item Acquired
Oath of Penance

Voting is open for Tarkus, Cyrus, The Dreadnought and Jonah

Thanks to levelling up and getting the two donation items Jonah has six points to spend, so please list a first and second skill for Jonah to acquire.

And lastly here it is! Our new mechanic that makes this game such a neat little thing:


As we have now opened up a new plethora of abilities relating to the Morality mechanic I will update the character profiles in the second post to show these new skills and so people can keep track of where characters are.

So how does Purity and Corruption work?

Throughout the game we will be presented with choices. These choices are many and varied and can range from equipment choices to battlefield objectives and more. These choices will change just how pure or corrupted our characters are. These levels of corruption will change a few things in terms of special abilities used by our characters, what equipment can be used by our characters, and most importantly of all these decisions have extremely strong plot ramifications.

So how will we do this?
We're going to do a one-time vote on it. I considered letting everyone vote after every mission but that's so flip-floppy it's kinda annoying to deal with. In addition the vote is between Purity or Full Corruption for each character. You're all-in either way.

So we have a special vote this time. When voting please say either Purity or Corruption next to the character's name.
The characters you may save or damn are:
Force Commander

Thule does not take part in this mechanic.

And one last and very important thing I'd like to add. This one is very important.

Please post no spoilers at all regarding plot that results from this mechanic. Nothing. If you wonder for even a fraction of a second whether or not something is a spoiler don't post it or PM me and ask. I'll let everyone know when it's safe to discuss plot related stuff and it won't be for a while.

I am perfectly willing to discount all your votes from the moment you decide to ignore this request till the end of the LP. Please don't make me do this.