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Dawn of War II

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 36: Mission 12

“Commander, if we don't immediately go down to the planet via Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy) and shut that infernal Chaos Lord up I'm going to start throwing Thaddeus at the planet.”


“You should be used to the taunts of the foes of The Emperor by now Avitus.”

“Oh no Sergeant Tarkus, this one crossed a line. Listen.”

“Listen to this part Blood Ravens! "Stop. I am sure whatever arrangements you've made for the guardsmen are more than adequate, Elana. Do you really want us to spend the whole evening discussing affairs of state?" Avitus questions. "Unless you had something else in mind, I don't see we have much of a choice." "I do, Elana." Avitus replies, pulling her in against his power armour.

“All squads prep for immediate planetfall. Thaddeus, wear a reinforced helmet.”


New Content


New Thunder Hammer Acquired
Dread Maul of Skarbrand (Corrupting)

New Force Staff Acquired
Martyr's Fervor


New Dreadnought Armour Acquired
Gorgon Plate


New Purity Seal Acquired
Heart of the Just (Redeeming)


New Expendibles Acquired
Greater Contemplation of the Codex
Bionic Implants

Voting is open for Cyrus, Avitus and also for who gets the Bionic Implants!

For note! Cyrus and Avitus have only one point left to spend for this level. Yes, that means Cyrus has only one last point to be spent wherever you want. I know it's not much to anywhere but hey, I let you guys make all the tough decisions for me. Avitus has three before level 30 is hit.