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Dawn of War II

by Coolguye and TheLastRoboKy

Part 38: Mission 14

“Commander, the Logic Engine has just about finished its processing of the data to reveal the traitor's identity. You'll be able to view the data at Youtube (Non-Polsy) or Blip (Non-Polsy) once it's complete.

“Two purity seals says it's Avitus”

Excuse me?”

“Not taking that bet.”

“Not even for ten purity seals would I take that bet.”

“I'm going to be having stern words with your belongings when we take care of the traitor.”

“And by stern words I mean crushing and stomping.”

"In fact it will be a seminar I will deliver over the course of the rest of your lives."

New Content


New Power Sword Acquired
Blade of Steel – Contains spoilers!

New Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield Acquired
The Shield and Thunder of Lyronis
Treason Unforgivable (Corrupting)


New Power Armour Acquired
Suffering's Den (Corrupting)


New Expendable Acquired
Gift of the Iron Traitor

Voting is open for Dreadnought (2 points), Jonah (4 points) and Thaddeus (4 points)

Also completely without discussing it with Coolguye, I'm throwing a very special vote out to you guys.

This next mission is the final mission of the campaign. More importantly however it's the final mission where we will be playing as the Heroes of Aurelia as they have been progressing according to your votes and wishes. As such I feel it's only fair that I throw one final choice to you all.

Please also vote on the three units that will accompany Force Commander Priad to face the final mission

Also I've held off updating the status images for all the characters until I get the last of the votes counted.