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Part 41: Characters, Planets and Adversaries


Captain Davian Thule – Captain of the Blood Ravens 4th Company and hero of the Kronus campaign. Highly respected by those that serve under his command, Thule oversees the defence of the Aurelia Sub-Sector and the Blood Ravens' recruiting worlds in the face of a rising Ork threat.

Techmarine Martellus – The senior Techmarine assigned to Davian Thule's defence of the Aurelia Sub-Sector, it is Martellus' role to oversee the maintenance of the Chapter's armouries and vehicles to ensure they do not fall into disrepair. He is stationed aboard the Strike Cruiser Armageddon.

Apothecary Gordion – The senior Apothecary stationed aboard the Strike Cruiser Armageddon, Gordion oversees the physical health of the Space Marines in the Aurelia Sub-Sector. As with all Space Marine Apothecaries Gordion must also see the harvesting of the Chapter's Gene Seed, a required component for the creation of more Space Marines that can only be taken from the corpse of a fallen Battle Brother.

Captain Gabriel Angelos – Captain of the Blood Ravens 3rd Company. Hero of Tartarus. Wielder of the Daemonhammer Godsplitter. Gabriel Angelos is an accomplished commander and masterful warrior, and his achievements are held in high regard by all within the Blood Ravens. Where Angelos is famous however he is also infamous, as he was the one responsible for the Exterminatus order that wiped all life from the planet of Cyrene. That Cyrene was his home world has led many to question his purity and sanity, but Gabriel Angelos' deeds speak for themselves.

Administrator Elena Darosa – As Meridian's Planetary Governor Vandis would never willingly speak to the Blood Ravens, it is Administrator Darosa who acts as the planet's liason to the Space Marine Chapter. She takes her job very seriously but does not fully comprehend the dangers threatening to engulf the sub-sector.


Calderis – A feudal world with a harsh and dry climate that makes those who live upon its surface excellent stock for producing Space Marines. The planet has a long history of trouble in the face of a Feral Ork population, but only recently has this become so serious of a threat to the human population that the intercession of the Blood Ravens has been required.

Typhon - The lush and overgrown planet of Typhon is another one of the Blood Ravens' recruiting worlds. A jungle world that is covered in old ruins the humans here are in constant conflict with hostile life-forms and treacherous conditions. Of its own importance is the amount of lost technology sitting out amongst the ruins, waiting inert for someone to stumble across them.

Meridian – The current capital of the Aurelia Sub-Sector the planet of Meridian is covered in urban sprawl and industry. Its ruling nobility under Planetary Governor Vandis occupy the upper levels of its many levelled cities, with the lower class forcibly thrust to the depths where they can be forgotten about. Meridian is most famous for its ancient Angel Gate forge where unique and complex wargear can be constructed if one can satisfy the whims of Vandis and the nobility.

Aurelia – The former planetary capital of the Aurelia Sub-Sector and homeworld of the Blood Ravens that had been engulfed in a warp storm has now returned. Once a fertile jewel of a world the planet is now a frozen wasteland pockmarked by the agonies inflicted upon it in its time in the warp. Though its return is a most dire portent there comes an opportunity for the Blood Ravens to reclaim the forgotten knowledge of the Chapter that may yet have survived Aurelia's banishment from reality.

The Judgement of Carrion – The giant travelling wreckages of ships known as Space Hulks are an ill-omen and a threat to the Imperium whenever they emerge from the warp. The Judgement of Carrion is one such hulk, emerging by some unknown schedule and bringing with it suffering and death. The ancient, alien infested and warp corrupted holds of this hulk have tempted many curious fools to their deaths with its ancient secrets, and many Blood Raven Battle Brothers have been lost attempting to cleanse or destroy it.


Orks – Currently the most prolific of external threats faced by the Imperium of Man, Orks wage war in the loudest, dumbest and ugliest way possible. Their entire society is based around subjugation through strength and their unique semi-fungal biology makes them incredibly hardy towards any environment or injury. On the upside an Ork horde is as chaotic for the Orks as it is for those fighting them, and are as prone to fracturing and imploding due to infighting as much as it is capable of forming a giant green mass of death known as a WAAAAAGH! that lays waste to entire sectors.

Eldar – An ancient alien race that fell due to its own excesses, the Eldar now ply the stars in huge space-cities known as Craftworlds. A dwindling race, the Eldar shun direct combat and favour lightning fast strikes with powerful weaponry, illusions and the powerful psychic abilities some of their number possess.

Tyranids – An alien threat that comes from beyond the edge of the galaxy, the Tyranids are a threat not merely to The Imperium but to every living thing in existence. Under the guidance of an utterly monstrous alien will known as the Hive Mind the Tyranids travel from planet to planet, violently subduing whatever resistance exists upon it so that they may feed upon the planet and its atmosphere until there is nothing left but a ball of sterile rock. One cannot communicate with the Hive Mind, as it drives its Tyranids on and directs its myriad fleets to constantly evolve new bio-forms and bio-weapons with one driving impulse that pushes each and every single one of its creatures on. Hunger.

Chaos – Attempting to define what makes up what is referred to as the Forces of Chaos is difficult as it is as varied and non-unified as the name suggests. The most common form of Chaos faced by The Imperium are humans who had turned from the light of The Emperor to seek its ruin. Be they cultists or fallen Space Marines they are an enemy all too familiar with how the Imperium works and how to break it, and they leverage that knowledge through pacts with the fickle god-like beings of the warp who can grant tremendous power at the cost of one's soul and sanity.