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Part 42: Wargear


Bolt Pistol – Basic side-arm of the Space Marines, the Bolt Pistol fires explosive tipped self-propelled rounds known as bolts at short ranges. Ideal for lightly armoured infantry targets.
Improved Bolt Pistol
Herald of the Coming Doom
Pistol of Baal
Stalwart Companion
Hellfire Pistol
Ork Killer
True Companion

Chainsword – Standard close combat weapon of the Space Marines, the chainsword is ideal for inflicting grievous harm on lightly armoured foes.
Improved Chainsword
Blade of Ulyus
Snarl of the Wolf
Gladius of Tenacity
Flesh Tearer's Pride
The Unstained Blade
Ork Render
Bloodtide (Corrupting)
Ravenous (Corrupting)

Bolter – The weapon Space Marines are most recognised for, the Bolter is a gun that fires explosive tipped self-propelled rounds. Ideal for lightly armoured infantry targets.
Improved Bolter
Unforgiving Truth
Righteous Wisdom
Brother's Keeper
Terror of Xenos
Guardian of Faith
Guilliman's Example
Stalker Boltgun
The Blighted Bolter First Form Second Form (Corrupting) Third Form (Corrupting) Fourth Form (Corrupting)
Angel's Deathdealer

Heavy Bolter – A heavy weapon version of the Bolter, the Heavy Bolter fires out a stream of large explosive tipped self-propelled rounds. Due to rate and mass of its fire the Heavy Bolter is capable of quickly suppressing an enemy. As a heavy weapon it requires its user to deploy it before it can be fired and tear down again for its user to move.
Scourge of Xenos
Improved Heavy Bolter
Purge of Victory Bay
Furious Absolution
Chant of Resolve

Sniper Rifle – Looked down upon by most fully fledged Space Marines due to its common use as a means of silent and distant killing, the Sniper Rifle still finds a place amongst its training Scouts who must master every weapon type available to them. The Sniper Rifle has extreme range, stopping power capable of instantly killing almost all infantry targets, and will almost always suppress a target it fires upon.
Honoured Silence
Deathtouch of the Angel
Sighted Fury of the Forge World
Sniper Rifle
Cold Mercy
Gift of the Righteous Initiate
Precision of Death
Silent Wrath
Mark of Exitus

Combat Shotgun – The humble shotgun sees much use across the Imperium for its stopping power and its flexibility of ammunition types. The shotguns wielded by Space Marine Scouts are weighty and strong, capable of blowing an Ork Nob off his feet at close range.
Initiate's Lesson of Strength
Superior Combat Shotgun
Fearful Judgement
Emperor's Justice

Plasma Gun – Plasma Guns are highly dangerous weapons that super-heat gas into a plasma form and expel it at a target. Not even the armour of the Space Marines can protect against a plasma shot, and even its user must be wary as overheating the Plasma Gun through excessive firing can and often does result in the death of its wielder. The risk of injury is seen to be far outweighed by the weapons' effectiveness in combat.
Plasma Gun
Fearsome Light of Truth
Purifier of Tombs
Light of Salvation
Pitiless Light of Truth
Blaze of Retribution

Power Axe – Power weapons utilise small energy fields that allow them to cleave through armour with little hindrance. The Power Axe and its mighty killing blows are used to great effect against heavy infantry, and it is a popular weapon amongst many Space Marine Chapters such as the Space Wolves.
Of Fire and Blood
Prized of the Iron Wolf
Matchless Savagery of Russ
Judgement of the Khan
Axe of the Ravens

Flamer – There are times when a Space Marine must face enemies who are both too close and too numerous for even their augmented abilities to deal with quickly. It is at these moments the humble Flamer finds itself in demand and is more than up to the task. Ideal for burning away vegetation or lightly armoured targets, the Flamer's spread is relatively short range but completely ignores any cover an enemy may be hiding behind or inside.
Superior Flamer
Flame of Terra
Inferno of Baal
Purging Benediction
Pestilent Spewer (Corrupting)
Swift Flamer

Power Fist – By applying a power field generator to a heavy gauntlet the Imperium has a weapon that allows its wearer to deliver physical blows many times the bearer's strength. When wielded by a Space Marine a Power Fist is capable of tearing through armour as though it were paper. Such is the power of the field surrounding the fist that the discharges of its blows can also temporarily stun enemy walkers and vehicles. The weapon's greatest drawback is that the weight of the gauntlet and its field generator make it unwieldy and incapable of fast attacking.
Gauntlet of Blood
Power Fist
Hand of Mercy
Fist of Valhalla

Missile Launcher – Commonly employed by Tactical and Devastator Squads the missile launcher is a simple but effective means of bringing low enemy armour at range. A well aimed krak missile fired at the rear of an enemy tank is often enough to cripple or destroy it, and Space Marines are well versed in the tactics that make the most of the weapon's deadly payload.
Missile Launcher
Unerring Thunderbolt
Spear of Fire
The Sacred Lance
Lament of Mars

Power Sword – An inevitable application of power field technology attached to close combat weapons, the power sword is a flexible and dangerous weapon. Like all power weapons its field allows it to carve through armour effortlessly, and the sight of a Space Marine striking down his enemies with a glowing blade is a sight heartening to all with faith in The Emperor and his Imperium.
Stalwart Blade of Champions
Superior Power Sword
Azrael's Second
The Blade of the Unrelenting
Blade of Steel – Contains spoilers!

Dreadnought Claw – In design the claw used by a Dreadnought is not too different to a power fist and is employed in a similar manner. Where it comes into its own is that the frame of a Dreadnought is able to apply far more force to the swings of its fist weapon, making the claw even more effective at crushing foes and tearing enemy vehicles apart.
Gauntlet of the Ancients
Ork Crusher
Maul of Heretics

Storm Bolter – One of the variants of the bolter that diverges from the original design enough to make it unique, the Storm Bolter is by design two Bolters operating by a single trigger. The Storm Bolter is capable of unleashing a torrent of devastating fire that can overwhelm even a well-armoured foe. The weapon's recoil is great, and as a result Storm Bolters are commonly left to be wielded in the steady hand of a Marine clad in Terminator Armour.
Gale of Truth
Tempest of Fire
Word of the Chapter
Cruelty of Geoffros (Corrupting)

Dreadnought Assault Cannon – Even in the arsenal of a Space Marine the Assault Cannon is a weapon that stands out for its sheer killing power. Able to unleash a torrent of firepower that shreds through infantry and carves through lighter vehicle armour, the weapon is extremely difficult for a regular Space Marine to fire and keep balanced but also can overheat and jam with extended firing. Rigged to the armoured frame of a Dreadnought these drawbacks are alleviated greatly, and allows the walker to cover its brethren at range to devastating effect.
Dreadnought Assault Cannon
Chant of Resolve
Zeal of the Primarchs
Venerated Zeal

Plasma Pistol – Though it is an extremely unstable technology the Imperium has still seen fit to use plasma weaponry in all the forms that the Tech Priests of Mars have recovered throughout the millenia. Lacking the range of the Plasma Gun, the Plasma Pistol is still capable of melting through most infantry armour and even in its smaller scale it is no less of a threat to its wielder should it overheat.
Blinding Revelation
Left Hand of the Just
Banisher of Night
Pistol of Idaeus

Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield – The Thunder Hammer is a form of power weapon technology that stores its power charge until the weapon strikes its target, unleashing the energy in a blow that shatters armour and stuns vehicles. The Storm Shield generates a field upon its surface that enables it deflect or resist just about any weaponry short of that wielded by the most powerful of superheavy tank or titan. When used in combination by a Space Marine clad in Terminator Armour the enemy finds themselves facing a slow but nigh-indestructible foe who can in one strike reduce their finest war machines to scrap and render their greatest warriors to a bloody pulp.
Arms of Tanthius
Armaments of Victory
Malleus Terminatus
Thunder Hammer and Shield of Iron
The Shield and Thunder of Lyronis
Treason Unforgivable (Corrupting)

Plasma Cannon – The natural progression of weapon technology in the Imperium, the Plasma Cannon takes the powerful and volatile design of the plasma gun and makes it larger. Now a danger not merely to the user but to anyone standing nearby, the Plasma Cannon is nonetheless a weapon that will reduce vehicles and infantry to nothing in the large incandescent explosions of its projectile's impact.
Plasma Cannon
Terrible Benediction
Golden Fury of Terra

Heavy Flamer – This larger variant of the flamer functions identically to its smaller brother, albeit with greater spread of fire in greater quantities. Retreating behind cover or hiding inside of a building does nothing to protect from the gushing flame, and as such to press the advantage of this unwieldy weapon it is most commonly used by Marines wearing Terminator Armour.
Heavy Flamer
Righteous Inferno
Cleansing Gift of the Inferno

Terminator Power Fist – The Power Fist is a natural fit for Terminator Armour due to its slow but powerful nature. Should someone close distance to attack the Terminator Armour wearing Space Marine in melee, the Marine is able to weather the enemy's blow before he can bring his own devastating swing to bear.
Hand of Fury
Gauntlet of the First Company
Pugnus Terminatus

Terminator Assault Cannon – In the firm and steady grip of a Terminator Armoured Space Marine the 'Rending Pattern' Assault Cannon cleaves through foes with devastating power. Each of the many rounds an Assault Cannon fires are capable of punching through armour as though it were nothing. With such power comes a cost however, as Assault Cannons are prone to overheating and jamming under sustained usage.
Rage of Angels
Wrath of the Just
The Benediction Of Fury
Relic Assault Cannon

Thunder Hammer – For many Space Marine Commanders the Thunder Hammer is perhaps the closest thing they would carry to a symbol of their position. Such weapons may be inherited by a Company's new Captain, or in times of grave need passed into the hands of a Force Commander on an important mission. Each Hammer is a powerful relic that carries a long and bloody history with it into every battle, and often creates new tales with its carrier's exploits. So heavy as to be wielded effectively only in two hands by a Power Armour clad Marine, all ranged weaponry is forsaken by the bearer in favour of a close range attack that can annihilate a foe utterly in but one strike.
Hammer of Cadia
Undeniable Hammer of Truth
Doom of Traitors
Lyssander's Judgement
Dread Maul of Skarbrand (Corrupting)

Grenade Launcher – The Grenade Launcher more commonly sees use amongst the ranks of the Imperial Guard than it ever does amongst a Space Marine force, but are regularly as part of a Scout's training in all types of warfare. The grenade launcher fires small fragmentation grenades in an arc, allowing its user to launch shots over terrain that might obscure more direct weaponry. It is highly useful in disrupting infantry, and in the skilled hands of a Space Marine Instructor it can be used to launch barrages of other grenade types such as blind grenades.
Grenade Launcher
Vulkan Launcher

Lascannon – Las weaponry is a staple form of armament at all levels of the Imperial Guard, for its ease of production, ease of recharge and also its precision. Space Marines do not tend to use the smaller las types in favour of bolter type weapons, but do not ignore the sheer power of the Lascannon and make heavy use of it in both infantry and on tank-hunting vehicles. Due to low firing rate of the high intensity beam of the weapon, it is most suited to the destruction of enemy vehicles and walkers, whose armour is little proof against the weapon.
Gaze of Tigurius
Lance of the Angel

Lightning Claw – A formidable close combat weapon, the Lightning Claw resembles a power fist with multiple blades extending from its knuckles. Each blade is the length of a Space Marine's forearm and possess their own power field generators, making it difficult to defend against with weapon or armour. It is favoured by many Assault Squads for its simplicity and effectiveness, and it is an inspiring sight to see one crackling with energy as a Marine descends upon his enemy.
Claw of Zeal
Bane of Loyalty (Corrupting)
Talons of Faith (Redeeming)
Shielded Lightning Claw
Paralyzing Lightning Claw (Corrupting)
Gilroy's Proof

Force Sword – When in the hands of an average Space Marine the Force Sword is no better than a normal blade. But when wielded by a Librarian the blade channels raw psychic energy along its entire length. By all accounts an extension of the Librarian's psychic might the energies along the blade may be used to cleave effortlessly through armour as if a Power Sword, or released in a devastating blast of mental energy that burns their foe's mind to nothing in an instant.
Warrior Force Sword

Force Staff – Though a Librarian is well trained to wield the raw powers of the warp their minds can tap into, they still use wargear that may aid them in focusing these powers so as to not be utterly consumed by them. A Force Staff is a typical conduit, able to earth and channel the powers of a Librarian to be released as bolts of psychic energy or aid in the effectiveness of other powers when cast.
Staff of Jove
Martyr's Fervor

Melta Gun – At close range and facing armour there are few weapons more effective than the Melta. Though how exactly it works varies from model to model, the fundamental feature of Melta weaponry is that it works by agitating gasses at the molecular level, melting almost anything in its area into slag. The closer a Melta Gun is to its target, the more effective it is.
Melta Gun
Shielding Melta Gun

Multi-Melta – The Multi-Melta works as its name suggests, by having two melta guns firing simultaneously its area of influence is far greater. Still very short ranged and more effective the closer it is to its target, the multi-melta leaves very little of said target behind when it fires.
Swift Multi-Melta

Terminator Lightning Claws – The reach and killing efficiency of a Lightning Claw is often employed in pairs by members of Terminator Assault Squads expecting to be facing infantry in heavy armour.
Terminator Lightning Claws


Power Armour – The standard armour of the Space Marine. Made from thick ceramite it is capable of warding off the fiercest of blows and its systems grant its wearer increased strength. Due to the unique physical make-up of the Space Marine, their power armour is also directly interfaced with their body, granting them ease of movement and articulation in what would otherwise be cumbersome armour.
Improved Power Armour
Raven Mantle
Mantle of the Great Father
Cuirass of Azariah
The Mantle of Kronus
Armour of Purgation
Armour of the Destroyer
Armour of Vandea
Raven's Barding of Flight
Merciless Truth
Mantle of Holy Fury
Armour of Victory
Despair of Heretics
Shielding of Righteousness
Armature of Zeal
Glory of Matiel
Carapace of War
Unwavering Fury
Steel of Dorn
Honour of Terra
Gift of Mars
Abjuration of Fear
Mercy of Russ
Hauberk of Faith
Fury of Lemartes
Testament of Hate
Favoured of Baradiel
Unwavering Warrior
Barding of Ultramar
Cuirass of Pathios
Holy Mantle of Elizur
Isador's Folly
Undying Aura of the Primarchs
Mail of the Immortals
Blighted Power Armour First Form (Redeeming) Second Form Third Form (Corrupting) Fourth Form (Corrupting)
Carapace of Pain (Corrupting)
Armour of Infernus (Corrupting)
Defender of His Will
The Iron Cage
Ephraim's Tech Plate (Corrupting)
Suffering's Den (Corrupting)
Undying Armor of Grayan

Scout Armour – Armour worn by the Scout Initiates and their instructing Sergeants during their learning. It trades the strength and durability of Power Armour for a lower profile in both sight and sound.
Grim Silence
Improved Scout Armour
Carapace of Purgation
Brigandine of Swiftness
Brigandine of Honour
Raiment of Smoke
Tenth Company of Honours
Unerring Retribution
All-Seeing Truth
Garb of Kuros
Reinforced Scout Armour

Dreadnought Armour – As symbols of the enduring nature of a Space Marine Chapter, it is no surprise that the armour of a Dreadnought is considered as important as the veteran that rides in it. Proof against all but the heaviest tank-busting weaponry, often times the armour frames a Dreadnought bears date back to the earliest days of their Chapter's existence.
Superior Dreadnought Plating
Barding of Mars
Wisdom's Boon
Plating of the Risen Dead
Steadfast Plating
Tomb of Champions
Adamantite Sarcophagus of Heroes
Vault of Captain Trythos
Myrmidon Plate
Gorgon Plate
Conqueror Dreadnought Plating

Terminator Armour – Sometimes referred to as Tactical Dreadnought Armour, Terminator Armour grants its wearer tremendous protection and allows them to hold weapons in one hand that they would struggle to hold with two even whilst in Power Armour. Only those who have been granted the Crux Terminatus may wear the armour for it is as much a relic of the Chapter as it is a powerful weapon or war, for if the stories are true each suit of armour contains a sliver of the armour that the Emperor wore when he led the Great Crusade.
Aegis of Hurios
Crusade Eternal
Armour of Azariah
Barding of Kazmirus
Aegis of Obliteration (Corrupting)
Daedus' Tomb
Blessed Cage (Redeeming)
Vigiles Arcanum

Librarian Armour – As with all wargear used by a Librarian, their power armour is often inscribed or loaded with measures that allow its wearer to focus their psychic powers. One key feature of this armour is the Psychic Hood, a metal hood-like frame about the Librarian's head that focuses their mind and protects it from the psychic attacks of their enemies.
Superior Librarian Armour
Tigerian Halo
Warp Crown
Circlet of Storms
Reinforced Librarian Armour
Coronet of Ice
Storm Mantle

Commander Items

Battle Standard – Space Marines are indoctrinated at an early stage of their initiation to hold the Chapter and its deeds in regard higher than their own. No other type of relic in a Chapter collection symbolises this ideal than the Battle Standards. Not merely banners that exhort the greatest achievements of the chapter, these standards are often raised proudly during battles themselves, their honoured bearers leading by example in combat and exhorting their fellows to greater feats. In gameplay terms the Battle Standard grants the Force Commander the Rally ability that affects them and any allied units close by breaking all suppression effects and granting a temporary but great boost to their health regeneration.
Chapter Battle Standard
Standard of Calderis
Standard of Tartarus
Standard of Typhon
Standard of Meridian
Heraldry of Davian Thule
Standard of Fearless Leadership

Iron Halo – Those that lead Space Marine forces typically lead from the front where their honed combat skills are put to use in critical locations. Though they are indeed mighty warriors they are still mortal, and as such Space Marine Chapters employ a type of wargear that acts as both a symbol of position and a form of protection. This symbol takes the form of an Iron Halo that rests atop the commander's back-pack, utilising the energy of the pack to power a strong personal energy field. This field will stand proof against almost all attacks directed towards the Iron Halo's bearer so long as it can generate the energy to sustain it, though resisting such attacks will deplete its strength. Though the shield can be overwhelmed it merely needs time to recharge energy before it may be used again.
Laurels of Hadrian
Stigmatum Sanguinius
Invincible Crown of Victory
Laurels of the Crusader
Diadem of Dante

Jump Pack – Often times a Space Marine Chapter will find that its greatest weapon is a swift attack that deals a shocking amount of damage in one strike, or the ability to move with the flow of battle. The Jump Packs worn by Space Marine Assault squads or suitably impetuous commanders allow them to swiftly redeploy and come down upon the heads of foes who had previously thought themselves in an advantageous position.
Soaring Truth
Pinions of the Deathangel
Jump Pack
Victorious Flight

Teleport Pack – In the Imperium the usage of barely understood teleporters is risked only in circumstances where the situation is most dire, or the one being teleported is most brave. Such cases of teleportation are usually of larger scale, but sometimes there are pieces of technology found from ages past that will swiftly and safely teleport a single subject over short distances. Such items are treated as great relics and will rarely find use in battle, and only in the hands of those most trusted to keep it and themselves safe.
Tactical Relocator
Command Teleporter
Teleport Pack
Transit of Faith
Tireless Teleporter

Terminator Teleport Pack – All suits of Terminator Armour possess technology that allows the suits to be teleported from aboard their space-craft down to a planet's surface in order to surprise and overwhelm key enemy positions. Some suits however are capable of equipping power systems within them that allow for personal short range teleportation. Such warp-hops are incredibly risky and left to the steel-nerves of Terminator Assault Squads and Commanders.
Warp Shield Teleporter
Combat Teleporter

Power Armour Helmet – Though the famous image of Space Marines often has their heroes bereft of any head protection, no commander is too proud to admit that there are times when wearing a helmet is the safest and sanest course of action. Many Commander Helms are augmented with advanced tactical readouts that keep them updated of events even as they fight, and allow them to co-ordinate their troops almost like extensions of their own body, even whilst enemy rounds glance off their head.
Helm of Command