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Day of the Tentacle

by Bobbin Threadbare

Part 2: Maniac Mansion Part 2: Dungeon Access

Maniac Mansion Part 2: Dungeon Access

While Green Tentacle has been passed, there are still a couple of things that need to be done in his presence, so Razor here will be needed for a couple more things. After that, Bernard will be our primary character.

The first door on the fourth floor is Dr. Fred’s. Good thing he’s busy in the secret lab at the moment.

Aside from the ancient ham radio and a portrait of his dear wife, there’s a ladder in the back. Which leads to...

Green’s room. Apparently he had to scale back the speakers at some point when he and Purple wound up sharing a room.

Fuck! How do you even get up the ladder?!
I’m never going to get my band started!
You think your band sucks? Just wait’ll you hear what my bassist did! is going nowhere...
...drummer spontaneously combusted...
...even all that food didn’t help...
...says he’s going out with “Nancy” now, what bullshit...

Anyway, we’re here for a couple specific things. The first is this record, which I guess is from some punk rock band or something, because Green’s mix tape is a different item.

The second thing we need is the so-called “yellow” key on the wall here. Go ahead; now that he’s full, Green doesn’t mind what you take.

Alright, after one hour of breathing exercises, I finally feel ready to do this!

Oh dear, I hope no one notices me breaking and entering like this.
I noticed!
You’re the one who made me come here!
Yep! Now leave me alone, I’m in the middle of a staring contest.

Hey, Bernard. Here, have all this shit I collected. I don’t care how cute Dr. Fred is, this shit ain’t worth it.
Oh, um, thank you.
Oh, shit, you just got off on seeing me pull that key out, didn’t you? Fucking nerd.
Well, that’

Time to do some exploring, I think!

There’s a certain key hidden in this room which we need. Unfortunately, even if you know where it is, you still can’t get it right away. Apparently not one of these kids knows how to find a rock and throw it.

Jeepers! I hope there’s a light source around here somewhere!

Oh, good!

My, Dr. Fred keeps quite the extensive library. It’s a shame I have no time to spend reading.

Strange, is that a handle on that panel?


Holy hell! I spent 70 minutes watching this mailbox and the postman still eluded me! At least I can steal this package for my trouble.

I wonder if that’s my package?

I suddenly have a really bad feeling about sticking around here.

I’ll get them next time!

Playing Ding Dong Ditch is an excellent way to clear Ed out of his room, but you have to act fast. He doesn’t take much time to answer the door.

Well, Mommy, I’m worried about him. He hasn’t been at dinner for 5 years...
...and he’s been bringing those bodies down into the basement late at night.

You know, never mind.

That hidden cassette player was very interesting! However, I think I need the tape for something else.

Specifically, Bernard needs to use the cassette recorder here to get that key I mentioned earlier. First, you load the cassette in the recorder, load the record into the Victrola, then remember to start recording before turning the record on.

The record will play a single, loud note, one as annoying as only the IBM internal speaker can be.


You’ll know you’ve had it recording for long enough when the vase shatters.

I should also add here that this is the piano that Syd and Razor can play. Now that I’ve actually read more of the walkthrough, apparently playing the piano isn’t about distracting anyone, but it’s about creating a mix tape to show to Green so he will give you his. Doing that is part of a fairly complicated way of getting past Purple Tentacle, who will be blocking our path later on. In fact, all the kids with special abilities basically use them only as ways of getting past Purple. Syd and Razor get Green’s gratitude by helping him get published, Michael (the photographer) helps out Weird Ed, Wendy helps Purple himself get a book published, Jeff sucks because he can’t help anyone, and Bernard...well, let’s just say for now that Bernard has the most awesome path in this game, too.

Anyway, this up here is the key we need. Now how to get it down when Bernard throws like a girl?

Why, play a tape that can break vases, that’s what!

Hey, Bernard, what’re you doing with that tape?
Science! You see, a certain harmonic in a recorded record was enough to shatter a ceramic vase, which makes me think it also carries sufficient decibels at the correct wavelengths to also deal damage to—
God, I’m sorry I asked.
Well, anyway, listen to this.



My ears will take some time to recover, but at least I got the key!

The old rusty key is the key to the dungeon, and since none of the house occupants bothers to frisk the kids, it is now impossible for anyone to get stuck in the dungeon permanently. You may have also noticed the giant padlocked door on the other side of the dungeon? We’ll need to get past that, so this key is also required to win. Come back next time and I just might use it!

Probably not, though.