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by Bobbin Threadbare

Part 5: Maniac Mansion Part 4: Home Improvement

Maniac Mansion Part 4: Home Improvement

Most of you probably noticed this gate in the back fence earlier. Well, this time we’re going to bother seeing what’s on the other side.

It’s a garage! Seems to be a pretty old design without any mechanical assistance. Much like the grate in the front, this door can only be lifted by an official Hunk.


Oh hey, neat car.

Don’t forget to pick up this water faucet handle while you’re here.

Now you may be asking yourself, “Who owns this rocket-boosted car?” Well, there are a couple signs on the car that can provide hints.

That’s the yellow “caution” sign. The bumper sticker reads, “I heart Weird Ed.”

Oh, maybe it’s Green Tentacle’s car?

It is, since the yellow key we found in his room opens the trunk.

Oh good, tools. I hope Green doesn’t mind if I borrow these; I left my set back at the dorm.

Here’s something else you were probably wondering. Why do I need a radio? Well, strictly speaking, I don’t. In fact, if you turn it on, all it does is play static.

Instead, I need its batteries. A lack of batteries is why I had to ignore that obvious flashlight on the counter; however, with the AA’s from the radio, the flashlight will now function properly. Make sure you keep track of whether it’s on or off, though. I’m not sure if the flashlight can run out of power, but the infamous lamp from Zork has made me eternally cautious about preserving light sources.

Oh yeah, remember when I told you not to mess with the fuse box? Well, there’s still a reason it exists.

Here, you may need this.
The fuck. What for?
I have this feeling, like there’s a really science-y thing on the very top floor, but its wires need to be fixed before I can use it.
So I’m working with electrical wires. I’ll need you to stand by the fuse box and turn the fuses off for me when I give the signal.
What signal?
I’ll shout “Starbuck” when you should turn them off, and “Boomer” when you should turn them on.
Starbuck and Boomer? The fuck does that mean?
*Sigh* You wouldn’t understand.

Whatever. I’m just glad it’s not me running fucking everywhere now.

Step one of our new quest is to grab this bucket of paint remover.

Next is to enter the last room on the fourth floor.

Don’t mind the Man-eating plant, it’s quite harmless. More of a blood-eating plant at the moment. Also, I hope it’s painfully obvious to everyone where the paint thinner should be used.

Sure enough, there’s a door hidden under the fresh paint, and a ladder hidden behind that.

Yet again we’re left in the dark, and yet again there’s a hidden light source.

Still, getting that flashlight working wasn’t pointless, since the kids refuse to fix those broken power lines while they can’t see anything.


Well, the nerd shouted something, and that’s good enough for me.

Time for Fred to freak out again.

We’re going to have another meltdown! How will I ever take over the world when things like this keep happening?

We’ve got problems again!
Yes sir!

It’s worth noting that Purple isn’t the brightest rubbery appendage out there, and while he will catch Razor if she’s still in the basement, he won’t turn the circuit breakers back on, potentially dooming us all.

Anyway, somehow a bunch of unlabeled car tools are enough to fix a pair of broken wires. I should note that all the kids are able to do this much; Bernard’s special ability is to fix another couple of broken electronics.


Also, if you’re quick enough and turn the breakers back on before Purple would show up, he doesn’t show up at all.

Still, better safe than sorry.

Our last activity today involves grabbing some more things from Weird Ed’s room. Time to distract him with the front door again.

Yes, again.

Ducking into the kitchen is a much quicker way of evading Ed.

Sadly, I kind of forgot which room was Ed’s.

I should have tied you to my bed.

How come she didn’t seem to notice you there?
Fuck if I know. Here, door’s open. Now get away from me, you slimy little nerd.

Stop playing with the lab experiments. Bring her, the machine is ready. Heh, heh, heh.

Right, trying the doorbell trick again.

So I grabbed the purple key card from the hamster cage, but there’s still one other thing in here to grab: the piggy bank.

Sadly, being paranoid, Ed’s already thought of that. Instead, you have to “open” the piggy bank, leading to:

All this for a dime. Man, Ed’s gonna be pissed.

Well, that’s it for now. I should probably be hurrying up, since the machine is ready, and Dr. Fred is—

—Busy playing an arcade game. Well, I suppose I still have some time left to waste.

See you next time, when we complete our hunt for the inner lab door key!