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Day of the Tentacle

by Bobbin Threadbare

Part 7: Maniac Mansion: Random Roundup 2

Maniac Mansion: Random Roundup 2

I’m going to start this up with the most complicated method of dying in the game. So, as either Syd or Razor, you need to get Green’s help to bypass Purple Tentacle. But how? Well, it starts by setting the cassette to record.

You then use the piano to bust out the tunes.

Oh, and also make sure you watch the TV in here.

I’m Mark Eteer and my company will publish ANYTHING! Just mail it to the address shown below. Don’t forget the stamp!

So here’s what’s normally supposed to happen: you hand Green Syd or Razor’s demo tape or else play it for him...

I could use someone like you in my band! I have a demo tape, but it’s no use. I’ll never get a recording contract, even if we get a band together.

...Green then drops his demo tape, and you use the envelope to send it in to Mark Eteer. But what if Razor sends her demo tape instead?

Well, first we’ll need some stamps. But we haven’t found any yet, have we?

That’s some shoddy postmanship right there. Hey, we never found out what’s in the package, have we? Weird Ed won’t mind if we take a look, will he?

It seems our kids are true believers in the postal service. You can give the package to Weird Ed and befriend him (although only the photographer/black dude needs to do so), but Ed only ever calls it the “commando package.”

Anyway, we can’t send an unaddressed envelope, so we need to put Mark Eteer’s location on it. The only way to do that is to use the typewriter up here on it. You’ll also note that the power outage hit about now. For once it doesn’t cause the alarms to go off, and it does indeed last 5-6 real time minutes.

Naturally, it’s still fine outside. Don’t forget to flip the mailbox flag up.

At this point, it’s just a matter of waiting a really long time for Mark to get back to us.

Now, where’s the play button?

Outrageous! AWESOME!! This will be a MEGAHIT! I’ve got to sign them right now!

Finally, after what seems like forever, the doorbell rings (and mysteriously doesn’t attract Ed’s attention), meaning that the overnight postal service has returned.

It’s a recording contract for ME! Finally, I’ve been waiting for years to sell out and get some fucking REAL money!

There’s only one envelope, so if your team didn’t happen to include Bernard or Michael, you’ve just officially screwed yourself. Beyond that, it’s normally not deadly; however, Green happens to be a fairly jealous guy when it comes to publishing success. If he’s shown a recording contract that isn’t his, whether for music or written manuscript (it doesn’t even matter who shows it), then, well...

Oh, so you got a contract for yourself? Thanks a lot! I think I’ll kill myself!

Man, Razor is good at pushing people into a homicidal rage. Not that I’d expect any less from an honest-to-god punk.

Next up, let’s see what happens when we press that irresistible Red Button.

It turns to a panoramic shot? That’s not so—


“have been destroyed in a massive nuclear meltdown. THE GAME IS OVER”

This is also what happens when you leave the circuit breakers off or the pool empty for too long, so I won't bother showing them seperately.

Incidentally, real reactors don’t go off like nuclear bombs, even during a meltdown, but then this game was never about real science. This game is about an evil meteor who mind-controlled a mad scientist into doing his diabolical bidding. Let’s move on.

So what happens if I decide to fill the pool while someone is still down there?

Apparently none of the kids bothered to learn how to swim. That or the radioactive water killed them instantly or something.

Let’s wrap things up for today by looking in a couple places I’ve been neglecting. First off, you remember those stairs in the library? Well, there’s a reason no one’s used them.

See? Perfectly good explanation. Second, you remember that door on the third floor? You know, behind where Green was being obstinate.

Well, it turns out to be a dark room. Note that this room is only useful to Michael (the black guy), which is why we haven’t been here before.

See you next time for the grand conclusion of Maniac Mansion!